What is a youtube to mp3 converter?

Downloading audio from a video posted going on for YouTube can be useful in a broad variety of situations. Now, within the framework of this platform, you can assume to be compositions by a expansive variety of artists, as capably as numerous lid versions of ably-known songs that suitably get not exist in audio format. In such situations, there is no subsidiary new but to download the audio from the video. In build up together, various lectures, podcasts, entertainment stories, and much more are regularly posted roughly YouTube. However, such recommendation is most convenient to listen to, taking into account a podcast, for example, can last several hours. Fortunately, the immovable to this danger has been nearly for quite some become archaic. The YouTube video hosting itself does not locate the maintenance for depart to enter you to download either video or audio from it, for that defense this task has to be solved subsequent to the get of third-party facilities. It is severely simple and quick to put it upon this subsequent to the support happening of special online converters. The principle of operation of every such facilities is the same: you specify a belong to to a video upon the topic of a positive site, convert it to MP3 format and download the greater than and over and done with between audio to your device. Next, we will look at the most well-liked services of this within realize. Converter ytsmp3.com

This is a fairly simple and convenient tool for downloading audio content from YouTube. It allows you to convert files to MP3, MP4, m4a and webm formats. In accumulate occurring to videos from YouTube, this minister to along later allows you to convert content from various social networks, as expertly as many optional membership sites.

How to Browse Facebook Anonymously Using Tor Browser

We’ve covered several security-focused topics over time including publishing articles on the 10 steps to browse the Internet anonymously and securely and 10 Free Proxy Servers for Anonymous Web Browsing .

But I know that not everyone wants to be a ghost online – there are security conscious people who enjoy the thrills of using Facebook and other social media platforms. Today, my concentration is on Facebook.

In case you’re not familiar with Tor , it is an open source project that enables its users to communicate freely and anonymously. It does this by bouncing all traffic that goes through it off its volunteer overlay network consisting of 7000+ relays.

Originally with the project name, The Onion Router, Tor has since come to become a household name among every privacy & anonymity-conscious Internet user and it is completely free to use.

Tor has a dedicated Firefox-based browser as well as platforms with dedicated Onion links which work within Tor browser alone. Facebook has such an Onion version that runs on the Tor network and that means that you can enjoy using Facebook alongside the features that make the Tor network outstanding such as no advertising or tracking.

The following are the easy steps to browse Facebook in Tor web browser.

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1. Download Tor Browser

Tor offers users a free multi-platform browsing application that is also available as a portable version that can run off of a flash drive. The first step to using the Tor network is installing Tor Browser and you can grab your device’s version here .

Download Tor Browser

2. Connect & Install Updates

Once Tor browser is installed, connect to the Tor network and install its recommended updates. They contain all the settings required to provide you with the best User Experience.

Connect to Tor Browser

3. Head to the Facebook Onion Site

Facebook’s onion URL is https://facebookcorewwwi.onion/ and it will only work in Tor browser so copy and paste it into its address bar and wait for it to load completely. It might be slow when you load the page for the first time depending on your Internet connection, but subsequent loads will always be significantly faster.

Browse Facebook on Tor Browser

4. Don’t Enable HTML5 Canvas

In the ideal hands, the data in your browser’s HTML5 canvas can be used to track your usage and similar statistics in Tor so don’t allow it to run. If you read Tor’s recommendations you’ll understand why it’s important not to activate 3rd-party plugins or to even resize the browser window.

Don’t Allow HTML5 Canvas

5. Accept the Facts

  • Facebook has had a lot of privacy issues in the past and the company is still tackling major data issues so using it means you agree with its data privacy policies whether you read it completely or not.
  • Using Tor doesn’t make you anonymous on Facebook because it can still track your activities on the platform when you’re logged in.
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With that being, should you use an extra layer of security? Most definitely. You can hide your IP address with a VPN to amplify Tor’s anonymity and censor-dodging efforts.

In the meantime, feel free to share this with pals as you add your suggestions and share your thoughts in the section below.

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10 Unknown Google Search Games for You

Google Search by default has games hidden in it, which is a fact, not many Google users are aware of. Google has compiled some really authentic and entertaining games over a period of time, that can be played in Google.com page itself without having to visit any other Web page.

Most of these games were made to appear as Google Doodle, in relation with certain anniversaries that have been a remarkable day in history. While some of these games are not available easily because Google Doodle keeps changing.

However, a few of them continue to be played even today. All you need is to search the game by its name in Google and hit “search” and Voila! The games will appear right in front of your eyes and you can play them right then and there.

Read on to know about the playable games still available, though hidden within the Google Search.

1. The Spooky Cat Game

The substantial storehouse of doodles that Google is, has developed some really interesting and addictive doodles. Among them is the Halloween 2016 doodle, The Spooky cat game.

Unlike most games on Google Search, it can be best played on a mobile device. You have to type The Spooky Cat Game in the Google Search bar and select the first option from the results and play the game with great animations and sound effects.

You as a player, have to help Momo (the cat), to defend the magical secrets of her school from a number of ghosts. Each ghost arrives with a few shapes, which have to be drawn as quickly as possible so that they do not reach Momo.

The Spooky Cat Game

2. T-Rex Run

Another hidden game in Google is T-Rex Run, which is played in Google Chrome. This game was developed with the thought of occupying users when they are bored because they are unable to connect to the internet.

The game has a T-Rex Dinosaur on an endless journey where it has to jump over cacti while avoiding pterodactyls. Hit the “spacebar” key to activate the game whenever you are unable to connect to the internet or you can visit the chrome://dino in a new tab to play online.

T Rex Run

3. Zerg Rush

Zerg-Rush is a real-time strategy game consisting of a race of insect-like aliens. The game requires the player to assemble a large army with other units and then use it to defend the enemy. Just search Zerg Rush on Google and the Google OS will start entering and spreading through-out your computer screen.

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The OS will eliminate all your search results in no time, but you can keep removing the OS by clicking on them with your mouse. Basically, this game is a race against time.

Zerg Rush

4. Solitaire

Remember the classic game of Solitaire, probably the first game that you ever played on the computer? Yes, that game of Solitaire is present right inside the Google browser. All you need is to type “ Solitaire ” and hit Search. Voila! The classic card-game appears right in front of your eyes with a tinge of Google’s swag.

If you remember the game, you can recollect that this single-player game is about stacking of cards in a deck, in descending order and alternating colors and the goal of the game being the separation of each suit.

The best feature of this game is it can be played even on your Mobile Screens, and that too without downloading or installing it as an App.


5. Minesweeper

When discussing the games that were most associated with Windows computers, you cannot miss discussing the game Minesweeper . It belongs to the same generation as the Solitaire. While the appearance and animation of the game on Google are different from the one present on Windows, the basics remain the same.

The touchpad of a laptop is not sufficient to play this game as the sensitivity of the left and right clicks end up messing with the game. It needs a mouse for a power-pack play.

Like the earlier version, it has grids denoting the number of mines around them and you have to use your arithmetical and logical reasoning to click open the mines which you think are safe.


6. Tic-tac-toe

Tic-tac-toe is one classic game that we have been playing with a pen and paper, since the days when we did not even know about the computer and its animated world of games. This game in Google can be played even on Mobile Screens.

As always, like the general rule of the game, the cross gets the first turn. You have to play as a cross or a circle and then make straight or a diagonal line with the shape placed consecutively. You can play the game alone or with the Google AI, upgrading your skill levels from “easy” to “impossible”.

Tic Tac Toe

7. Pac-man

Pac-man is a fun game where the Wakka-Wakka man has to avoid Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde, while munching on Pac-dots appeared as Google Doodle on May 21, 2010.

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Google developed this doodle to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this classic arcade game. The exceptional feature of this version developed by Google is that they made it more challenging by reinventing the maze as Google letters. This modification makes it difficult to be played on a mobile screen but can be best played using the left and right arrows on the keyboard.

Pac Man

8. Snake

Google developed a playable doodle of the Snake Game to welcome the Chinese New Year in 2013, which was the year of the Snake. The doodle went off soon leaving the classic game behind. It is a game of speed, where in the snake has to keep moving and eating stuff in its way.

The food will keep making the snake longer but caution has to be taken to avoid the barriers or else the game gets over. It can be played on Mobile Screens as well but the limitation arises while changing the directions. Using the arrow keys of the keyboard will keep it more interesting.


9. Text Adventure Game

Type “Text Adventure game” in the Google Search box and press CTRL+ Shift+ I simultaneously to access this adventurous game of commands. Select the “Console” tab and type and enter “Yes” for the adventurous game to begin.

It gives you the feel of the 70s era when there were no graphics and User Interfaces. The game involves typing of Commands that keep taking you inside the action game.

Text Adventure Game

10. Garden Gnomes

Garden Gnomes is another game in Google Search that was developed as a doodle, the doodle does not exist anymore but you can still find the game in the doodle archives if you search “Garden Gnomes” in the Search bar.

The doodle was released on 10th June 2018, when Google celebrated Garden day in Germany. This is game works a lot like the “Angry Birds” game, wherein you are supposed to catapult the Gnomes as far as possible. All in all, it is a great game with an addictive game-play.

Garden Gnomes

Did you know, apart from searching and using Google to enter into the World Wide Web, you can also play such interesting games on Google Search? No need of installing any game Apps or visiting any insecure Webpage, just go to Google Search and you can while away your time, playing some seriously addictive and amazing games.

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How to Find Free Wi-Fi Hotspots Near You

According to World Wi-Fi Day , the global total number of public Wi-Fi hotspots will grow sevenfold from 64.2 million in 2015 to 432.5 million in 2020. While that’s an exponentially huge leap, the world is a really big place and that makes it difficult to randomly roll into places with free Wi-Fi.

Although the probability of locating free Wi-Fi hotspots ultimately depends on your location e.g. are you in a city or a village? There are a couple of ways through which you can locate free Wi-Fi hotspots not far from you and below is a list of the best that I know.

Visit Free WiFi Locations

The most popular free WiFi locations are restaurants, buses, trains, libraries, and galleries because they typically allow even bystanders to connect to their network. Granted, these days restaurants require you to buy an item or two before giving you their password, libraries require you to be a student or a registered guest, etc. – you get the idea.

If you want to be able to use their network at any time then meeting their requirements is a small price to pay. So just take a stroll to any of those venues around you with your laptop or phone, take a seat, and enjoy the WiFi-filled air.

Use Hotspot Databases

Would you have guessed that you could go through directories of WiFi hotspot locations before even leaving the house? Well, it is and it is with thanks to the awesomeness of WiFi enthusiasts out there who consciously add relevant locations to their preferred platforms such as OpenWiFiSpots for free. My recommendations for you are OpenWiFiSpots, Wi-Fi Space, and Boingo.

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It is a free web platform that contains a comprehensive directory of WiFi hotspots continually updated by its users. As at the time of writing, it added 120 new free WiFi hotspots in the last 7 days and currently contains 66,198 free WiFi hotspots in the U.S alone.

You can search for locations by entering an address, city, state, or zip or by browsing through its list of cities, states, and countries. It also has a guide for several free WiFi locations in airports, coffee houses, hotels in New York, public parks, fast food restaurants, etc.

OpenWiFiSpots – Free Wifi Hotspots


It is a search engine that enables you to find locations with free WiFi by searching through its database containing over 1 million free hotspot points! You can search for locations by city, postal code, or address, and filter search results by the type of location e.g. airport, hotel, cafe, store, or bar/restaurant.

If you don’t want to search, you can peruse a map with listed locations complete with directions to your selected location and you can even export your selections to a PDF for offline viewing.

Boingo – Unlimited Wi-Fi Access

Wi-Fi Space

It is an online directory where you can locate WiFi hotspots by searching for cities, browsing its location catalog, or interacting directly with its color-coded map.

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Green signifies the WiFi network is free to use, yellow signifies private networks with known passwords, and red signifies private networks with unknown passwords.

Wi-Fi Space – Free Wi-Fi Passwords Map

Boingo and Wi-Fi Space are available to install on Android and iOS and two alternatives for smartphones include Wiman and WiFi Map .

Find Hidden WiFi Networks

All WiFi networks have SSIDs (Service Set Identifiers) and that’s what shows up as the WiFi name. There are different reasons why people choose to hide their WiFi from unconnected devices but they don’t really matter any longer because you can easily make them visible to you using a WiFi analyzer apps for on your laptop or smartphone. A recommendable mention for Linux is Kismet .

I hope this article helps you locate (free) WiFi hotspots around you more easily. Please spread the message and if you have any comments and/or suggestions to make feel free to add them in the comments section below.

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How to Install and Use Wget on Mac

wget is a robust command line application for downloading URL-specified resources. It was designed to work excellently even when connections are poor. Its unique feature, compared to curl which ships with macOS, for example, is that it is non-interactive so it can run in the background.

There are 2 ways to install wget: via Xcode or via Homebrew and I will cover both methods since not everyone uses Xcode or Homebrew.

Installing Wget via Xcode

Installing wget on Mac via Xcode requires you to build the tool from source and the steps are the same on all a Mac versions:

First, install Xcode via iTunes and then install Xcode command line tools with the command:

# xcode-select --install

Download wget source code using curl:

# cd ~/Downloads# curl -O https://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/wget/wget-1.19.5.tar.gz

Extract and navigate into the folder and run the configure command:

# tar -zxvf wget-1.19.5.tar.gz# cd wget-1.19.5/# ./configure

Make and test wget:

# make# make install# wget http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/wget/wget-1.19.5.tar.gz

If you get an error when you run the configure command then run it with an SSL flag like so:

# ./configure --with-ssl=openssl

Remember to delete the now-unnecessary files after the installation is complete.

Installing Wget via Homebrew

Homebrew is a package manager for OS X that makes installing and managing applications a lot easier for Mac users.

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There are alternatives like Fink and MacPorts but I prefer using Homebrew. Don’t worry if you don’t have it installed, I’ve got you covered:

Install Homebrew using the following command, it will also install Xcode’s command line tools if they aren’t already installed:

# /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install.sh)"

Next, install wget command-line download client.

# brew install wget

How to Use Wget on Mac

As long as a file or directory’s URL is publicly accessible, you can download it and files can be downloaded singly or recursively when downloading directories.

Downloading a single file
# wget -X path/to/local.copy http://example.com/url/to/download.html

The syntax is simple. the wget command, -X to indicate the file path (unless you want to save the downloaded content to your current working directory), and the public link.

Downloading a directory
# wget -e robots=off -r -np https://www.w3.org/History/19921103-hypertext/hypertext/

The -e robots=off flag tells wget to ignore restrictions in the robots.txt file which is good because it prevents abridged downloads. -r (or --recursive) and -np (or --no-parent) tells wget to follow links within the directory that you’ve specified. Voila!

While that is all that you need to know to use wget for downloading files, there are many other commands that’ll enable you to control its usage and you can access them within your terminal in wget’s man page or online .

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Have you got any questions to ask or suggestions to make? Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to share.

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10 Best Free Linux Docks

Docks are utility software designed to basically make launching applications and navigating between app windows as easy as possible alongside beautifying the entire process.

They implement animations, app icon shadows, customization options, widgets, etc. in different ways but they all aspire to one goal – boost productivity .

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Today, I bring you a list of the best dock applications that are not just beautiful and customizable with high compatibility, but also 100% free to use.

1. Latte Dock

Latte Dock is an open source dock app developed for KDE Plasma. It was designed using plasma frameworks to provide users with a consistent User Experience by completely replacing the desktop panels.

Latte Dock‘s features include multi-monitor support, auto-hide, customizability with fonts, zoom effects, blur effects, and themes. Learn more about Latte Dock .

Latte Dock for KDE Plasma

To install Latte Dock, you must have KDE Plasma installed.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rikmills/latte-dock$ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install latte-dock

2. Dash to Dock

Dash to Dock is an open source extension developed to turn the GNOME shell into a dock from the typical app overview menu which in turn speeds up the rate of switching between desktops and open apps.

Dash to Dock‘s features includes ease of use, integration support with desktop notifications, timers, etc., windows previews, and multiple monitor support.

Dash to Dock for Gnome Desktop

Learn more about Dash to Dock .

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3. Plank

Plank is a beautiful and arguably the simplest dock you’ll ever use. Its goal is to provide users with only what is required of a dock and nothing more and it ships with some Ubuntu derivatives by default e.g. Ubuntu Mate. What’s even cooler is that it has a library with which you can create other docks with extra functionality.

Plank Dock for Ubuntu

Install Plank dock from the default repositories on Ubuntu and its derivatives.

$ sudo apt install plank

4. tint2

tint2 is a highly customizable panel for Xorg that can be configured to display a system tray, battery monitor , task list, and a range of usage options such as displaying all open applications in specific or all desktops, display multiple instances of the same application, display output for user commands, etc.

Tint2 Taskbar for Linux

Install tint2 from the default repositories on Ubuntu and its derivatives.

$ sudo apt-get install tint2

5. Docky

Docky is a beautiful, customizable MacOS-like dock for Linux distros. It is easy to use and allows users to add apps to the launcher together with choices from an array of docklets (docky widgets) for displaying information such as a clock, weather, and CPU usage.

Docky in Ubuntu

Install Docky from the default repositories on Ubuntu and its derivatives.

$ sudo apt-get install docky

6. Cairo Dock

Cairo Dock is a beautiful dock designed to run in virtually any Desktop Environment. It is fast, lightweight, easily customizable through its customization menu, and has notification support for all applications you add to it.

Cairo-Dock for Ubuntu

Install Cairo Dock using following PPA on Ubuntu and its derivatives.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cairo-dock-team/ppa$ sudo apt-get update$ sudo apt-get install cairo-dock cairo-dock-plug-ins

7. Avant Window Navigator

Avant Window Navigator has excellent support for themes coupled with the ability to embed external applets with ease.

Avant Window Navigator

Install Avant Window Navigator (AWN) from the default repositories on Ubuntu and its derivatives.

$ sudo apt-get install awn

8. DockBarX

DockBarX is a flexible taskbar designed as a replacement for DockX as well as an Avant Window Navigator applet, a panel applet for GNOME, Mate, and Xfce.

DockbarX for Ubuntu

Install DockBarX using following PPA on Ubuntu and its derivatives.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xuzhen666/dockbarx$ sudo apt-get update$ sudo apt-get install dockbarx

9. KSmoothDock

KSmoothDock is a functional open source macOS-inspired desktop panel designed for KDE Plasma with parabolic zooming effects for the application menu, pager, launchers, and task manager.


10. Simdock

Simdock is another macOS-inspired, Avant Window Navigator-like dock with pseudo-transparency designed to be simple to use. Its features include customized launchers, smart implementation of Xrandr, MacOS-like zoom effects, and working without a compositing window manager.

Simdock – Deskbar for Linux

Install Simdock using following PPA on Ubuntu and its derivatives.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:onli/simdock$ sudo apt-get update$ sudo apt-get install simdock

So there you have it folks, the best free docks for your Linux machine. Let me know what you think about the list and feel free to add your suggestions in the discussion section.

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11 Tips On Firefox and Chrome: Passwords, Sync Bookmarks, and More

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the most popular web browsers that are being used by people across the world, since quite some time now. Both browsers come with amazing features and hacks.

There are times when you want to use both the browsers and switch between them. Do you think it is possible, considering the fact that we keep saving data in each of them separately? Yes. It is. Once the data among the two browsers are synced, you can easily switch between the two of them.

In this article, we will share some useful tips on Firefox and Chrome web browsers: Sync, Bookmarks, Passwords and More.

1. Password Manager

You can use common Password Managers like 1Password, Bitwarden, Roboform, Dashlane, Keeper, and LastPass that come with Chrome and Firefox extensions.

You can install these extensions which make it easier to fill Forms and Passwords. You only need to make sure that you remember the Master Password.


Another alternative to access your passwords anytime is to use their web portal rather than installing the extensions. The passwords from Chrome and Firefox too can be imported to these password managers.


You can sync your Bookmarks on both the web-browsers by installing third-party apps like Pocket , Eversync or Raindrop . While Pocket is the lightest and most-used bookmarking app.

Raindrop can let you collect unlimited bookmarks and lets you access them across different devices. You can enjoy even more features like removing broken links, etc. with the paid subscription.

Eversync, as well can help you sync and backup all your bookmarks on Chrome and Firefox.

Pocket – Save Your Bookmarks

3. Common Extensions

The easiest way is to install the extensions that are compatible with both Chrome and Firefox, so that switching between the browsers lets your work and data in sync. Some common extensions that are available for both Chrome and Firefox are:

  • The Camelizer , that gets discount alerts while you are browsing online shopping sites and also displays price history.
  • Evernote Web Clipper lets you capture your favourite items from the web and then save them in Evernote account
  • One Tab saves the memory used by your browser by reducing the multiple tabs that you might be using in the browser.

Common Extensions for Bookmarks

4. Common Speed Dial

The home-page or the start screen of your web browser keeps all the most browsed website addresses browsed by you as handy, which in a way can also be called Speed Dial.

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Third-party extensions like FVD Speed Dial , Speed Dial2 or Yay! Another Speed Dial can keep the Speed Dials in sync across your web browsers.

FVD Speed Dial or Speed Dial 2 can let you create speed dial groups and back up your dials. An extension like Start.me can help you build a custom start screen too.

Common Speed Dial

5. Make Them Appear Similar

You can also club the browsers together by making them similar in the way they appear. You can customize your Mozilla Firefox screen like your Chrome Screen with Material Fox or Chrome Fox or you can also choose a particular theme for Firefox and then install the same theme for Chrome.

For instance, Dark theme available as an add-on in Firefox lets you install a dark theme for your Firefox browser and similarly Dark Theme available as an add-on in Chrome can let you install a dark theme for Chrome.

With an extension named Stylish , you can customize and use the same kind of theme for both the browsers.

Make Firefox & Chrome Similar

6. Remembering Common Keyboard Shortcuts

There are some particular Keyboard Shortcuts which have the same function in both Chrome and Firefox browsers, try remembering them so that the workflow while switching the browsers can be smooth.

For instance, CTRl+D and CTRL+T are used for the same function, bookmarking the current page and opening a new tab respectively, in both the browsers.

Also, an extension named Shortkeys lets you modify and create your own Keyboard shortcuts that can be used across both the explorers.

Remembering Common Keyboard Shortcuts

7. Using Selective Features From One to Another

Few of the amazing features of Chrome as per your preference can be imported to Firefox and vice-versa.

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For example, Firefox manages its tab in a hierarchical or a tree-like pattern and this feature can be brought to Chrome with the extension Tab Tree or Just Read can be used to bring the distraction-free mode of reading from Firefox to Chrome.

Similarly, Google App launcher and Download Statusbar can be installed for quick access of Google toolbar in Firefox and for displaying the state of downloads in the Status bar in Firefox browser just like Chrome.

Using- selective features from one to another

8. Common Downloads Folder

Use the same download folder for both the browsers so that every time you switch between the browsers and download any file, it gets stored in the same location making the workflow smooth without any botheration of switching between different download folders.

In Chrome you can go to “Settings”, present in top-right Menu of Chrome and then click on “Advanced Settings” to go to Downloads settings.

Click “change” to choose the desired location as the Download folder for Chrome.

Common Downloads Folder for Browsers

Follow the same steps in Firefox browser to select the same Download folder so that all the downloads are saved in one folder.

9. Share a Notepad

If you want to make a to-do list or jot down something, having a digital notepad at the ready is crucial. Web-based Apps like Laverna , SimpleNote or Writer let you create and sync a digital Notepad to keep all other information handy.

You can also use Google Keep by installing its Chrome extension and Firefox extension parallelly.

Google Keep

10. Setup a Common Browser Homepage

You can also setup a new common homepage in both the browsers to make them appear similar but and are used in the same way.

Set Homepage in Chrome

11. Match Up the Way the Browsers Behave

For a smooth transition between the browsers, certain points can also help you through – like setting the same search engine in both of them.

Set Search Engine in Chrome

You can also look for other Chrome and Firefox extensions and add-ons to keep your browsers synchronized attributing to time-saving and smooth browsing.

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20 Free Ways to Download Videos from The Internet

The Internet is the new Television – with everything from entertainment to education and socializing to work is happening online. We keep watching Videos for our entertainment or information on the internet.

There are instances when you like a video online or on a social media platform and want to download and keep it on your device. Video downloading, in general, has now become a lot easier than earlier.

Here are some of the sites we recommend you download any video from the internet.

EaseUS MobiMover

EaseUS MobiMover is a free online video and audio downloader for Windows/Mac users. People can easily download online videos to their PC/Mac by copying the video URL and pasting it into MobiMover. The process to parse and download a video is very fast and smooth, without annoying ads or popups interrupting you. If you connect your iPhone/iPad to your PC, you can even save the downloaded videos to your iPhone directly for offline watch. It supports capturing videos from 1,000+ sites, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.

Besides being a free YouTube video downloader, EaseUS MobiMover offers free iOS data transfer and backup service as well. You can transfer your data between iPhone and PC/Mac, and from iPhone to iPhone safely and quickly. Furthermore, you are able to back up your iPhone content and WhatsApp chats to your PC with this tool to avoid unexpected data loss.

EaseUS MobiMover Free Video Downloader

Free Video Downloader for YouTube by NotMP3

Free Video Downloader for YouTube by NotMP3 is a straightforward and efficient tool that quickly downloads any kind of video and audio, including whole playlists and channels, from plentiful sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, TikTok, and 1000+ more sites without any quality loss. Its highly usable interface makes this program desirable for both computer novices and experienced users.

Free Video Downloader for YouTube by NotMP3 is definitely one of the most intuitive and simplest to use downloading tools. All you need to do is to copy and paste the URL, select the preferred quality preset from the list and click the “Download” button. This free downloader saves video with the most popular quality options and formats, including 4K and Full HD. In addition, the software from NotMP3 supports multi-stream downloading that speeds up downloads.

What’s great about this tool is that it is completely free and comes with no pop-ups, annoying ads, or unwanted extra applications.

Free Video Downloader for YouTube by NotMP3

1. Video Download Helper

Video Download Helper is great for users who regularly download videos. When Download helper detects any video the toolbar activates/highlights the icon and a menu bar allows to download the selected video with just one click.

It has an extension for the Firefox and Chrome browser, which can be seen as a downside for some but this feature definitely adds to the convenience of downloading Videos from the internet.

Video Download Helper

2. 4k Video Downloader

4k Video Downloader is quick and easy to use tool. The user just needs to copy and paste the link of the required video in its webpage and click on the download button.

It also allows the user to subscribe to YouTube channels. Here, the latest videos can be downloaded automatically with the auto-download option. 4K Video Downloader can let you download videos in different formats and resolutions.

4K Video Downloader

3. Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader is another simple Download manager where the user needs to copy the link and paste it in the tool to start downloading Videos. The only restriction that users face is that it is only available on Windows.

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It allows downloads from various sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion etc. You can download and save any video and music files in HD, MP3, MP4, AVI etc. The Freemake Video Downloader supports 4K video clips.

Freemake Downloader

4. Youtube-dl

Youtube-dl requires the user to have knowledge of command-line programming to a certain extent. It is one of the most flexible tools currently available for downloading videos from the internet.

It has a wide range of features that include downloading as per rate limit, automatic naming of files, playlist processing and downloading subtitles along with the video. These additional features are a privilege for a user who understands the command -line program.


5. SaveFrom.net

SaveFrom.net is mainly a YouTube Downloader. Its shortcuts make it easy to use and lead to faster downloads. It can download even through the link or the page where the Video is being watched.

Adding “ss” before the regular YouTube link allows the user to automatically go to the Video download link, eliminating the need to even copy the same.


6. FastestTube

As the name suggests FastestTube is one of the fastest video downloaders. It is an extension devised for YouTube videos.

Once downloaded with the browser, the extension automatically appears as a download dropdown button and lets the user download Videos while it is being viewed.


7. Twitter Video Downloader

Twitter Video Downloader is an online tool used exclusively for downloading videos that are embedded in tweets present on Twitter. A variety of formats from MP3, MP4, and MP4 HD are available for the user to choose from.

There are other online tools like Twitter Video Downloader, which are specifically made for Twitter and are designed according to the Twitter standards.

Twitter Video Downloader

8. Instagram Downloader

Like Twitter followers, Instagram enthusiasts too, now have exclusive independent tools for managing Downloads. Instagram Downloader , allows the users to download videos from posts and stories that have been posted on Instagram, and save them on their device.

Instagram Downloader

9. FBdown.net

FBdown.net is a Chrome Extension designed specially to download videos from Facebook. Once it is downloaded, the extension eliminates the need to leave the social media page and go to some other Webpage to copy or download the desired Video.

This makes it easier for the user to download multiple videos as and when they are browsing.


10. FBDown.net-Private Videos

FBDown has another feature that allows the users to download videos from private accounts that otherwise might not be visible.

Here, Ctrl+U is the most important commands, it allows the user to see the source code of the video through which the videos can be downloaded.

FBDown.net- Private Videos

11. KeepVid

KeepVid supports both news and education-based sites like Lynda, NBC, ABC, etc.

It requires copying the link of the Video and then pasting it on the KeepVid webpage to download the Video. It allows the users to download and save the video in a variety of formats and sizes.


12. VideoGrabby

VideoGrabby supports most of the video sites along with YouTube, Sound cloud, Vimeo and more. Like most other download sites, it follows the same copy-paste and download format.


13. YooDownload

YooDownload is an all-rounder Video downloader, as it caters to all the social media platforms and also the most common sites used for videos.

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It is a major competitor in the market and has all the required features to download any video seamlessly.


14. ClipConverter

ClipConverter is a browser add-on on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, that can convert and record online clips to any audio or Video format. Its reach is wide and goes to a variety of sites. This excludes subscription streaming services.


15. Online Video Converter

In addition to being able to support multiple sites and formats, Online Video Converter is also mobile compatible. This is unlike many other web apps. It helps users to download videos on the go and is seen to be platform independent.

Online Video Converter

16. VideoGrabber

Video Grabber is not a web app but a desktop program. It has a screen recording feature of recording the screen.

This feature allows the user to record anything that is happening on their screen and save it as a screenshot or a video file. It can be used for webinar, tutorial and video chat recording too.

Video Grabber


FLVTO has a special feature for users to queue their videos which later get auto-downloaded once they are available.

This lets users pile up a set of videos to download while spending time on something else instead of waiting on an ongoing basis.


18. JDownloader

Jdownloader totally eliminates the need to have the particular video’s link. Once the user providex the link of a page, JDownloader scans the entire page to display all the videos that exist on that page.

Users can then pick and choose if they want to download all the videos or just specific ones.


19. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

OBS is a free and open-source software, which allows the user to recording the video and live streaming quickly and easily.

It has an advantage of enabling the user to record while playing a video game while on the PC or even capture the desktop. The recordings can then be named and saved on the platform itself.

Open Broadcaster Software

20. Cam Studio

Cam Studio is a simpler way to record videos than OBS. This software was mainly released for Microsoft to record all screen and audio activity on your computer screen.

It is one app where the user can press the ‘record’ button and let the video record until it plays. It saves all its videos on AVI format.

Cam Studio

Shared above is an extensive list of web sites, apps and recording software that has been developed for downloading videos for the end-users. It is important to re-check and choose which site has more relevant space and art form as per the user’s requirement.

The user must be clear about what it wants to download and use that accordingly. One must be aware of the legal conditions of downloading and recording videos online. Copyright content should not be used.

Also, you must ensure that your downloads are perpetually scanned for various viruses and malware, for this you need must use a reliable VPN service called Ivacy VPN , which provides the highest level of online protection.

With a plethora of sites and programs to download videos from, video downloading has become quite an easy task than before.

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How to Schedule Gmail Emails on PC and Android

Who would have thought that now even emails can be scheduled? Yes, you have heard me right! To celebrate 15 years in 2019, Google announced a variety of new features on Gmail and one of them was scheduling your emails.

The provision of scheduling emails by Gmail is not only a boom for the marketers but also business vendors, clients, and Individuals.

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So, how do you think one can benefit from this feature? Well, if you are an individual who is working late at night but does not want your client to know about it, you can schedule your email. For marketers, the marketing emails can be scheduled, so that their customers get emails at that time of the day when they are expected to be glued on their phones!

If you work once in a day but do not want to deliver them all together, you can schedule your emails and spread them throughout the day. Apart from this, there can be a lot of reasons and benefits of scheduling an email!

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In this article, we will explain you the steps of scheduling emails on Gmail through your PC and your Android Phone.

Scheduling Emails Using Your PC

Scheduling an email is not only an in-app feature, but it can also be done if you are sending emails through your Personal Computer.

1. Sign into Gmail by entering your Gmail email address and password.

Gmail Login

2. Once you log-in into the Gmail inbox, on the top-left corner of the screen, you can see a “Compose” button. Click on it.

Compose an Email

3. A new message box opens up where you have can write your email.

New Email

4. Draft your email, mention the receiver’s email address in the ‘To:’ section like shown below.

Draft An Email

5. Do not click on “Send”. To schedule the email, click on the dropdown arrow beside the send button.

Schedule An Email

6. Once you click on the arrow a small pop-up of ‘Schedule Send’ will appear. Click on it.

Schedule Send

7. A new section will appear with 3 recommended time slots. If you are comfortable with any of the mentioned time slot, you can click on it. However, if you want to schedule it for a different time, click on “Pick date and time”.

Time Slots

8. A calendar opens up. You can choose the date and time of your choice and then click “Schedule Send”.

Pick Date And Time

You will see a confirmation like shown below

Schedule Email Confirmation

9. You can check all the scheduled emails in the “Scheduled” section that appears on the left panel of your main window.

Scheduled Email

The following window will show all the scheduled emails.

Scheduled Window

Scheduling Emails on Gmail through Smartphones

Smartphones have undoubtedly made our life easier and many of us access emails only on our Smartphones. This article will help you to schedule emails through your Smartphone.

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1. Click on the Gmail icon on your mobile screen to open the Gmail app. Your inbox should appear.

2. Click on the + symbol on the bottom right of the screen.

New Email For SmartPhone

3. A new email screen will appear like below. Draft your Email and mention the receiver’s Email address in the “To”.

Compose An Email From SmartPhone

4. Click on the three dots appearing on the right side. You will see list of menu. from the menu option Select “Select Send”.

Schedule Email From SmartPhone

5. A pop-up will appear with 3 recommended time slots similar to what we had seen in the first point. You can choose from them or select “Pick date and time”. A section with a space for a date & time will appear.

Time Slot-SmartPhone

6. Click on the first section & a Calendar will appear from where you can choose a date. After choosing the date, click on the second section. A clock will appear for you to choose the time.

Schedule Email-SmartPhone

7. After choosing the time and date. Click on the ‘Schedule send’ button. This will automatically schedule the email.

Schedule Send-SmartPhone

8. All the scheduled emails will appear in the Schedule section on the left in the menu. You can click on it to view the scheduled emails. Or reschedule or delete them.

Scheduled Email-SmartPhone

Scheduling emails on Gmail empowers one with the ability to draft an email at their convenience and schedule it for a time best suited to them. It also makes work easy for the user.

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One can draft a set of emails even late at night and have them scheduled to reach the receiver’s inbox early in the morning. This feature helps in working efficiently across time zones without emails appearing at inappropriate times.

If this article was helpful to you, please do let us know by commenting below. For feedbacks and suggestions, you can also fill up the form below and send us across! Stay tuned for our next article and till then, Happy Emailing!

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How to Run Google Chromium OS from USB Drive

Have you ever thought of working on Google’s Chrome OS? We all know that it comes pre-installed only with Google’s Chromebook which might not be affordable by everyone.

Fret not, you do not certainly need to buy another laptop to experience this amazing Operating system announced in July’2009 by Google and developed on the basis of Linux Kernel.

Developers have found out a way to run Google OS without overwriting your existing Operating System, be it Windows, Mac or even Linux. The Google OS can work parallel to your existing Operating system, directly from your USB drive.

Follow the step by step guide after fulfilling the pre-requisites and you will be able to run Google OS from a USB drive.


  • A USB drive with minimum 4GB of storage.
  • The computer where you want to run Google OS must have a USB port.
  • A Zip Extractor as per your OS (p7zip for Linux, Keka for Mac and 7-zip for Windows, all of them being free Apps).
  • Etcher , as a free program for burning images, used for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Installing Google Chromium OS in USB Drive

1. Google does not provide any official Chromium OS build, so you have to choose an alternate source like Arnold The Bat to download the Chromium OS .

Download Chromium OS

2. Extract the downloaded Zip file using the compatible Zip extractors among the ones mentioned above.

Extract Chromium OS File

3. Now connect your USB drive to your computer and format it.

Format USB Drive

4. Once you formatted USB drive, now you can write the Chromium OS IMG file to USB drive. If you’re using Linux, open the terminal, run the following command (where sdb1 is your USB stick and path to the IMG file you extracted):

$ sudo dd if=ChromeOS.img of=/dev/sdb1 bs=4M

Write Chromium OS Image to USB Drive

5. If you’re not familiar with terminal, you can download Etcher utility to write image to the USB drives, as Etcher is the most recommended software because it can work on Windows, Mac and Linux in the same way.

Download Etcher Image Writer

6. Launch Etcher once it is installed. Click on “Select image” to go to the location were the Chromium OS file is located. Select the file and click on “Add”.

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Now, click on “Select Drive” to select the path of the USB drive where the OS image has to be burned. Finally, click “Flash” to start the burning process.

Etcher Burn Chromium Image USB

Another great feature of Etcher is, once the image has been created on the USB, it verifies everything so that any error can be avoided. Once it verifies and displays a message saying “100%”, you will get a bootable USB drive prepared, containing Chrome OS.

7. Now restart your computer system to start booting it with the USB drive.

The drive which should be used for booting the OS used in your computer can be chosen and selected according to the OS that you have been using. It can be booted from a USB drive, a hard drive or even a DVD drive.

For Mac computers, to go to the booting option screen, press and hold the Option key when the Mac computer shuts down and restarts. Hold the key until the booting screen appears and then choose between Macintosh drive or the mentioned USB drive (denoted as “EFI”).

For Windows and Linux computers, you can click F5, F8 or F12 to go to the “Boot Options” when the system restarts.

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Once you have chosen the USB drive as the booting option, your computer system will boot from the drive and run on Chrome OS.

Google Chromium OS Running from USB

You will need to set it up with your Google account as you will be using it for the first time, after which it will directly take you to the home screen every time you boot it from the USB drive.

This is how easily your desktop can be converted to a Google OS without spending even a single penny, along with your existing OS, whether it is a Windows, Linux or a Mac PC.

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