Best Linux-Centric File Managers for Chrome OS

I recently covered how to install Linux on Chromebook  and you can check it out here. Today, let’s divert our attention to the File Manager in Chrome OS.

Chrome OS is a beautiful Operating System (as is expected of all Google products) and it houses a responsive file manager for navigating its file trees.

While it works excellently on Chrome OS which it was designed for, navigating Linux directories with it doesn’t feel as “Linuxy” and it can be helpful to install a Linux-centric file manager to eliminate that need.

To install Linux apps on ChromeOS, you must enable Linux Beta on Chromebooks .

I have compiled the best file managers that will bring the essence of Linux to your file navigation and management tasks and they listed below in order of their popularity.

1. Gnome Files

Gnome Files (formerly Nautilus) is a slick free and open source file manager that although designed for the Gnome platform, ships as the default file manager application in several Linux distros most notably Ubuntu.

$ sudo apt update$ sudo apt install nautilus

Gnome Files

2. Nemo

Nemo is a free and open source file manager application developed by Linux Mint as the official file manager of the Cinnamon DE.

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Feature highlights of Nemo include opening folders in the terminal for executing bash commands and a right-click menu to open folders as root. Its feature highlights include accessing remote files, progress indicators, full support for DPI, etc.

$ sudo apt update$ sudo apt install nemo

Nemo File Manager

3. Thunar

Thunar is a beautiful free and open source file manager designed with a focus on speed, ease of use, and functionality.

It ships as the default file manager application in several distros and Desktop Environments most notably LXDE and XFCE. Its most notable features include its simple UI and low memory requirement,

$ sudo apt update$ sudo apt install thunar

Thunar File Manager

4. Dolphin

Dolphin is a lightweight file manager designed to be easy and simple to use while being flexible enough for users to customise it and make it act the way they want.

Its feature highlights include a navigation bar for URLs, support for multiple tabs, split view, no requirement for 3rd party libraries, etc.

$ sudo apt update$ sudo apt install dolphin

Dolphin File Manager

5. Double Commander

Double Commander is a free and open source cross-platform file manager with a default 2-panel side by side view.

Its key features include an inbuilt text editor with syntax highlighting, built-in viewer for displaying files in hex, text, or binary format, extended search functionality, etc.

Double Commander

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alexx2000/doublecmd$ sudo apt update$ sudo apt install doublecmd-qt

All 5 file managers are 100% free, open source, and heavily maintained so bug worries to disturb you. Those in the Debian repository can be downloaded directly from your terminal using their relative commands.

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Which Linux-centric file manager completes managing your Linux directories on Chrome OS for you? Share your thoughts in the discussion section.

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