What is a youtube to mp3 converter?

Downloading audio from a video posted going on for YouTube can be useful in a broad variety of situations. Now, within the framework of this platform, you can assume to be compositions by a expansive variety of artists, as capably as numerous lid versions of ably-known songs that suitably get not exist in audio format. In such situations, there is no subsidiary new but to download the audio from the video. In build up together, various lectures, podcasts, entertainment stories, and much more are regularly posted roughly YouTube. However, such recommendation is most convenient to listen to, taking into account a podcast, for example, can last several hours. Fortunately, the immovable to this danger has been nearly for quite some become archaic. The YouTube video hosting itself does not locate the maintenance for depart to enter you to download either video or audio from it, for that defense this task has to be solved subsequent to the get of third-party facilities. It is severely simple and quick to put it upon this subsequent to the support happening of special online converters. The principle of operation of every such facilities is the same: you specify a belong to to a video upon the topic of a positive site, convert it to MP3 format and download the greater than and over and done with between audio to your device. Next, we will look at the most well-liked services of this within realize. Converter ytsmp3.com

This is a fairly simple and convenient tool for downloading audio content from YouTube. It allows you to convert files to MP3, MP4, m4a and webm formats. In accumulate occurring to videos from YouTube, this minister to along later allows you to convert content from various social networks, as expertly as many optional membership sites.

The 9 Best Search Engines to Explore the Invisible Web

Can we imagine a life without Search Engines? Think about it for the next two minutes.. you still will have no answer! The fact is that only because of Search Engines our life has become smoother and the internet has become dearer!

But, here comes a twist! Would you feel betrayed when I tell you that these search engines, in fact, show you a very small percentage of data that is dumped on the web! Well, that’s right, the data that is visible to us is called the Surface Web and that which is not visible is called the Invisible Web.

Invisible Web is also known as Deep Web and they are not easily accessible through the normal Search Engine.

Some examples include:

  • Content that requires technology to get access, like CAPTCHA technology.
  • Pages that are independent and not linked by any other page.
  • Contents that exist beyond the conventional http:// or https:// protocols.
  • The page may not have been indexed by the search engines.

So, how do you think we can explore the data that are a part of the Invisible web? The answer is that there are a few dedicated search browsers through which we can access the content of the Invisible web.

Here are few search engines to help you explore the Invisible web. Do visit them to expand the universe of your search results that earlier was just limited to the surface web.

1. Yippy

Yippy is a very useful search engine and it gives you results for anything obscure you want to search for. They are actively funded and are continuously acquiring different search tech assets to make it more robust.


2. Archive.org

If you are looking for books and journals for your next research project, you should not miss out searching about it on Archive.org .

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It has a gigantic database that includes old videos, books, sound recordings and so on. It has partnered with the Wayback Machine which itself has over 250 billion webpages.


3. WWW Virtual Library

WWW Virtual Library is considered one of the oldest of the lost, this search engine can get you everything stating from agriculture to corporate affairs.

It was created by Timothy John Berners-Lee, who we all know is the inventor of the World Wide Web. Also, if you love audiobooks, this website has free audiobooks too.

WWW Virtual Library

4. Pipl.com

Pipl.com is the best search engine to find people on earth! This website has access to different member directories, court records and can get you information of a person.

A lot of famous brands like IBM, eBay, Groupon, Twitter, etc., are also associated with this website.


5. Directory of Open Access Journals

Better than Google Scholar, Directory of Open Access Journals website will give you access to over 12000 open access journals and that too free of cost. Launched in 2003 in Sweden, this independent database has journals that cover all areas of technology, science, humanities, and medicines.


6. Elephind

Elephind is a repository of over 3700 newspaper titles in the world. This search engine gives you results that Google can never give you.

Their tagline is “search the world’s historical newspaper archives” and it truly stands by it. They are continuously adding more newspapers every day and this certainly gives them a place on our list.


7. Surfwax

Surfwax is one of the best search engine tools to dive down deep in the Invisible web. You can search anything through it starting from blogs and feeds to the news. It is a search engine that openly challenges Google for providing better search results.


8. Infoplease.com

Infoplease.com is a search engine that is a combination of encyclopedia, almanac, and atlas. One of our favourites, this site is a must visit if you are looking to increase your General Knowledge. The website is interesting and in fact, you would love searching topics after topics.


9. Ahmia

To access the links and results of Ahmia search engine you will have to install the Tor browser, which will searches hidden services on the Tor Network. The onion service for this search engine can be accessed through – msydqstlz2kzerdg.onion

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Apart from the above mentioned top Invisible web search engines, there are many other which can get you inside the Invisible web, some of which are – Hidden Wiki, Project Gutenberg, Voice of the Shuttle, Agrisurf, IncyWincy, Clusty and so on.

The Invisible web is difficult to measure, but experts estimate it to be more than 500 times the web we actually know! The search engines listed above are sure to introduce you to this Invisible web and only then you would understand the difference between them.

Please do let us know when you use these search engines and share your experiences with us by commenting below. If you think we have missed out on a search engine, do fill up the feedback form given below so that we can incorporate the same in our list and help our audience.

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The 12 Best Gnome Shell Extensions

The GNOME Desktop Environment is among the most loved Linux Desktop Environments and with the right Linux tools you can turn it into the perfect one for you.

One way of customizing the DE is by using any of the many extensions available for free – which, apart from taking you steps closer to having an ideal UI/UX, greatly increase your productivity.

Below is our list of the top 12 extensions you can install on the GNOME Desktop.

1. Dash to Dock

Dash to Dock  turns the dash from the app overview into a dock and allows you to launch and switch between open applications and desktop windows swiftly. It also comes with other cool features that you are likely to enjoy using.

Dash to Dock for Gnome

2. Caffeine

The Caffeine extension allows you to disable the screensaver and auto suspend with a click.

This is perfect for when you are working on stuff that requires you to be away from your PC but you don’t want your PC to go to sleep.

Caffeine For Gnome

3. User Themes

The User Themes enables you to load themes from your user directory. This makes working with themes a more pleasant experience.

User Themes Gnome Extension

4. OpenWeather

OpenWeather displays weather information using either Open Weather Map or Darksky and it supports almost all world locations.

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If you decide to use Open Weather you can either register for an API key and switch off related settings in the preferences dialog, or use the extension’s default key. If you opt to use Dark Sky then you’ll need to register to get your own API key.


5. Media Player Indicator

Media Player Indicator allows you to control any media player with support for MPRIS Version 2. This includes Rythmbox, Spotify, and any of the awesome Music Player apps that we’ve covered on FossMint.

Media Player Indicator

6. Applications Menu

Applications Menu enables you to add category-based menus by which you can organize your installed applications.

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You would like this one if you prefer the Windows 7-type menu activated via the start button.

Applications Menu

7. System Monitor

System-Monitor enables you display system information like cpu usage, memory usage, etc. in your status bar.

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You can use this for both informative and decorative purposes as long as you know how get the ideal theme set and wallpapers.

System Monitor

8. Removable Drive Menu

Removable Drive Menu operates as a status menu from which you can easily access and unmount removable devices.

Thanks to this extension, looking for connected devices is a thing of the past since it lists all external storage drives in the system tray.

Removable Drive Menu

9. Coverflow Alt-Tab

Coverflow Alt-Tab is a cool extension that replaces the default Alt-Tab function and enables you to iterate through windows in a cover-flow manner. This is perfect for users who fancy the workflow that image carousels provide.

Coverflow Alt-Tab

10. Drop Down Terminal

Drop Down Terminal allows you to quickly launch your terminal as an applet. For power users who enjoy using their keyboard more than their mouse, this extension has keystroke support. By default, press the key above the tab button to activate it.

Drop Down Terminal

11. Gnome Overview Conf

Gnome Overview Conf enables you to edit the configuration of your app overview. This extension allows you to easily modify the icon sizes as well as the number of columns.

Gnome Overview Conf

12. Places Status Indicator

With Places Status Indicator extension, you can add a menu in order to navigate places (directories) quicker. The idea is to be able to reach anywhere you want from anywhere you are without having to go back and forth within directories.

Places Status Indicator

I’m positive that any, if not all of the listed extensions will be useful to you. I imagine that some of them could be updated to have advanced features.

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Caffeine, for example, can use more than 1 state: A normal state, one to disable only auto-suspend, and another to suspend both the auto-suspend and screensaver. Or, don’t you think so?

You can follow our guide on how to install GNOME extensions here if you’re not sure on how to go about it. You can also find other GNOME-related articles by searching for “GNOME”.

Feel free to list more awesome GNOME extensions in the comments section below.

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The 10 Best Video Editors and Makers for Android

With how important social media has become in our times coupled with advancements in technology, tools for technical activities like music and video creation have been made more accessible to virtually anyone with a smartphone who cares to be creative.

As you would imagine, the Google Play Store is littered with several applications to enable users to create and edit videos with tons of visual effects and customizations that make having a video editing dedicated desktop less of a do or die affair.

If you would like to create videos for social media, your next project meeting, or to just share with friends for fun then you’re in luck because here is a list of the best video editors for Android.

1. KineMaster

KineMaster is a full-featured media utility for creating professional videos on Android with powerful tools such as blending modes, chroma key, transitions, speed control, multiple video layers, voiceovers, special effects, and subtitles, among others. Its UI is properly segmented to allow for the most convenient editing space including its pie-chart type menu containing layer, audio, voice, and media options.

You can think of KineMaster as a minimized version of a robust desktop editing app because of its versatility. You can work its inbuilt keyframe animation tool for adding motion effects and stickers to layers, select music from your local directories, share directly to Dropbox, Facebook, YouTube, export 4K 2160p video at 30FPS, and many more!


2. YouCut

YouCut is a free video editor and maker application for creating professional videos, especially in formats for YouTube and social media. You can edit videos using its inbuilt tools for cutting & splitting, trimming, creating slideshows, fine-tuning playback speed, etc.

YouCut is loved by 10 million+ users for its beauty and praised for its simple yet powerful and efficient workflow. Its feature highlights include video color adjustments, an ad-free video editor, customizable aspect ratio, HD video compression, free online music + local music, no watermarks, and beautiful FX effects and filters.

YouCut Video Editor

3. Quik

Quik is a free video editing application for creating professional fun and interactive videos as easily as possible. Its feature highlight is how it enables users to create beautiful videos complete with transitions, effects, and texts that sync to the beat/background music in seconds. It also boasts a clean, ad-free, portrait-mode-interface for editing and easy customization.

Quik allows you to add up to 75 video clips and photos from your preferred location e.g. Gallery, Dropbox, Albums, etc. and it works with Motion Photos. It also contains 23 themes with unique transitions, fonts, filters, and graphics to match with your video’s story. It also allows you to work with HD videos that play at 60 FPS, supports several audio formats, supports adding GPS stickers, and much more.

Quik Video Editor

4. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is a beautiful mobile video editing solution created by Filmora Wondershare to enable users to create stunning videos as easily and professionally as possible. As the name suggests, FilmoraGo is for creating professional videos on the go. It features tons of visual effects, text styles, animations, stickers and motion graphics, themes with unique color correction settings and layouts, smooth transitions, etc.

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FilmoraGo allows you to view edits and real-time, export HD video projects in 1:1 for Instagram and 16:9 for YouTube, use locally-stored music and/or music from its licensed songs library, import video clips and photos from social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.


5. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is a free video editor and photo movie application that lets you combine videos and photos into full-featured films with several professional effects such as slow motion, special lenses for recording “funny faces”, video collage with tons of templates, stickers, themes, etc.

VivaVideo has a simple user-friendly UI which makes it easy to make use of its several professional tools including trimming, auto record, splitting, merging, reverse, speed control, transitions, texts, music playback, etc. and it was created with the aim of allowing anybody to create professional video stories. It is free to use with a dedicated tutorials page for new users and in-app purchases.


6. VideoShow

VideoShow is a powerful all-in-one video editor for creating professional videos using 50+ themes, multiple background music, stylized texts, background effects, and 30+ filters. It sports professional editing tools such as merge, split, timeline reverse, bluer, collage, zoom, motion speed, video compression, video to mp3 conversion, etc.

VideoShow has an inbuilt editor for selfie stickers, a beauty camera for touching up your photos, an editor for working with photo videos, and a toolbox for extra editing features. It is free to use with an avenue for in-app purchases.


7. Video Editor

Video Editor is a professional video editing app that enables Android users to create fun videos by merging photos and edited video clips together with additional items such as text, filters, transitions, and synchronized music. Its features include video dubbing which allows you to add recorded voices or sound effects, playback speed control, zoom in and out, 10+ high-quality transitions, 20+ cool filters, a slideshow maker, picture-in-picture, custom video duration, etc.

Video Editor is completely free to use so while it contains advertisements, it does not limit your usage time nor add watermarks to your video projects.

Video Editor

8. Video Editor, Crop Video, Edit Video, Effects

Video Editor is a paid app that is designed for making professional videos by splicing and/or merging photos together with background music, filter effects, and interactive stickers. It enables you to create videos with several categorized cinematic such as Bomb, Fire Sea, Dr. Strange, etc. a time machine tool which digitally edits pictures of people to make them look younger or older, a glitch tool for adding glitch colors to selected photos as well as several fantastic filters and slideshow presets, etc.

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Video Editor is straightforward to use especially when adding custom text, emojis, locally stored music, and online music, etc. It also allows you to crop videos to your preferred aspect ratio and to export completed video projects in HD formats.

Video Editor Maker

9. Glitch Video Effect

Glitch Video Effect is a video editing app for Android that comes with tons of video effects to give your video projects stylish looks. It features 100+ effects themed Retro VHS, Chrom, Shadoe, RGB, Pixel, Cyber, Moire, Aesthetic effects, etc.

You can also use it to shoot retro videos with glitches and VHS effects in real-time combined with a built-in video editor for customizing your project’s aspect ratio, trimming and cutting sections of the playback timeline, adding background music, and exported completed projects in HD for virtually any platform.

Glitch Video Effect

10. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is a free video editor for quickly creating HD videos on mobile photos and then typically sharing them for editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Its features focus on automatic video creation wherein you simply select images, choose a soundtrack and playback pace, and powerful video editing using drag and drop, trim, transitions, aniamtions, custom texts, and effects, etc.

Like all Adobe apps, Adobe Premiere Clip feeatures a beautiful UI with cloud integration. While it is a good video editor if you’re shooting videos on the go, you’ll get extra editing functionality and customization options when you use it in conjunction with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Some of the listed applications are free to use with ads until you purchase premium versions which unlock many extra features. Others are completely free to use with either non-intrusive ads or no advertising at all.

Whatever the case is, you might find that using some of the apps together is the right workflow for you but you can only find out when you start trying them out for yourself. Did I mention your favorite app editor for Android? Drop your comments in the section below.

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The 10 Best Music Download Apps for Android

You might not have sat to think about it but Music has become an important asset to those of us who enjoy drowning out the sounds of the environment with sensational melodies, lyrics, and beats.

Whenever you’re on the move and most likely away from a Wi-Fi, you may not want to stream music and podcasts with your mobile data and that is why I have created this list of the best music download apps for Android devices.

1. Audiomack

Audiomack provides users with free access to millions of tracks, mixtapes, and albums which can be downloaded for offline listening.

It has a beautiful tabbed UI with sections for trending songs, top songs, top albums. You can also create unlimited playlists, browse playlists by mood, genre, etc.


2. Mp3 Music Downloader

Mp3 Music Downloader enables you to download music from multiple engines with multiple sound qualities at blazing fast speeds. It reportedly has over 1 million high-quality tracks that you can search by title, artist, genre, or album.

Mp3 Music Downloader

3. Free Music Download

Free Music Download gives you access to unlimited searching, streaming, and offline listening of high-quality sound music for free. You can search tracks, artists, and albums from Free Music Archive, Jamendo, ccMixter, and Last.Fm.

Free Music Downloader

4. Download Mp3 Music

Download Mp3 Music is a simple and fast music downloader app powered by Jamendo and Outly Limited with the ability to stream and download any song for only none commercial purposes.

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Because it aims to inspire musicians, music lovers, and to maximize creativity, Download Mp3 Music focuses on offering songs from independent artists. Among its features are lyrics, multi-threaded downloading, embedded voice search, etc.

Download Mp3 Music

5. Free Music Player and Downloader

This Free Music Player is a free music player for YouTube and creative commons music. Its features include offline Mp3, FM radio, music streaming and downloading from Dropbox, Jamendo, and podcasts. It does not download audio content from YouTube or SoundCloud but it can be used for streaming their content.

Free Music Player

6. Music Downloader

Music Downloader enables you to sync and download music from Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox as well as music from Jamendo and podcasts for offline listening. It features a beautiful UI, syncing music content across connected devices, voice search, recommended playlists of charting music, etc.

Music Downloader

7. Download Pop Music

Download Pop Music allows you to download music and videos in several sound and video qualities. It is powered by Jamendo so all the music it contains is available under creative commons and intended for non-commercial uses only. You can search for tracks by artist name, track name, etc. and you can even download YouTube captions.

Download Pop Music

8. Google Play Music

Google Play Music allows users to stream music and radio channels as well as to upload their own collection of up to 50,000 songs and listen to them across Android, iOS, and the web for free. Its feature highlights include a beautiful and colorful UI, searching by artist, genre, mood, decade, etc.

Google Play Music

9. Super MP3 Music Downloader

Super MP3 Music Downloader contains a comprehensive collection of music from independent artists. Its feature highlights include a  simple UI, searching by genre and artist name, browsing by popular tracks, instruments, and moods.

Super MP3 Music

10. Download Mp3 Music

This Download Mp3 Music app is powered by Jamendo and the free music archive so users have access to millions of songs intended for personal use only. Its features include a fast downloader, lyrics display, download quality options, verified tracks, etc.

Download MP3 Music

Some applications e.g. Spotify did not make it to the list because although they are free to use, they require a subscription for downloading music to be enabled.

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Do you have experience with any of the listed applications or ones that deserve to be on this list? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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The 10 Best Coupon Apps for Deal Hunters

Coupons are tickets or any form of document that you can redeem for a price discount when purchasing items and thanks to technology, digital coupons allow users to access awesome discounts and free services without needing to carry physical prints around.

There are several applications whose purpose is to provide a single interface for finding the best shopping deals, coupon codes, etc. and today, I bring you the best of such apps that you to shop and save some cash at the same time.

1. Ibotta

Ibotta enables you to make some cash each time you shop, travel, dine out, or make in-app purchases without requiring coupons, promo codes, or rebates and it integrates seamlessly with thousands of popular retailers and brands including Target, Walmart, etc.

Once your balance is at least $20, you can transfer the funds to Venmo or PayPal or convert it to a gift card for stores like Starbucks, Best Buy and Amazon.


2. Honey

Honey is a Chrome browser extension that enables you to save money by searching the Internet for the best discount codes for shopping for virtually anything at thousands of different stores, not excluding Amazon, Expedia, Best Buy, Forever 21, etc.

It is 100% free, installable with 2 single clicks, and stays out of the way so that you can shop online as you normally do but at cheaper prices.


3. Groupon

Groupon enables users to find great purchase deals and stuff to wear, eat, sightsee, etc. with discount rates of up to 70%.

Different deals have different lasting periods but they are all available to be used immediately. You can purchase discounted gift cards and even share them with family, search for themed restaurants, travel ticket coupons, etc.


4. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot allows you to find shopping deals as well as in-store and online coupons by searching for nearby deals which you can browse by store, brand, or category.

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It contains coupons for fashion, vacation trips, beauty, pizza, food, electronics, and shopping deals. It also offers cash back on purchases, notifications about new sales and gift card deals.


5. GasBuddy

GasBuddy is the #1 car companion app for finding the cheapest gas stations near you and works to help users save up to $340 on gas annually.

You can search for relatively cheaper gas stations and filter the results by price, brand, location, and amenities such as car wash, restaurants, restrooms.


6. The Coupons App

The Coupons App features excellent discount prices for products, services, and different restaurants with the option for a close-up view of the physical form of selected coupons.

Within the app, you can browse weekly ads, save coupons and automatically add them to your favorite calendar app, share your grocery lists and coupons with friends, etc.

The Coupons App

7. GoodRx

GoodRx enables users to save the cost of drug prescriptions to as much as up to 80% even if you have Medicare or insurance. It automatically compares the cost of drugs at different pharmacies and even informs you when certain prescriptions are free.

GoodRx can be shared with all of your family including your pets and can be used to make payments directly from within the app in order to enjoy discount prices without the need to print anything.


8. Shopular

Shopular gives you access to coupons and shopping deals that enable to spend less cash as you shop and save time since you don’t need to hunt for promo codes etc. online.

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You can pick from hundreds of popular stores, enjoy a 25% cash back when you purchase stuff via the app, get notifications about nearby sales, access promo codes for virtually anything, etc.


9. Coupons.com

Coupons.com enables users to locate shopping deals and manage all their grocery shopping and coupons to use at popular stores like Dollar General, Target, and Walmart right from their phone.

Users can also save their favourite brands in the app and make more than $100 in coupons every day from its cash back savings feature.


10. DealsPlus Coupons & Deals

DealsPlus Coupons contains thousands of in-store coupons as well as online coupon codes, deals for thousands of restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping sites without the need for hunting or printing.

You can use DealsPlus’s search bar to search for products from your favorite retailers, or discounts at the restaurants that you fancy and you can conveniently save all of them in the app.


So there you have, the best coupon applications for all your shopping activities ranging from gas stations to fashion, grocery, and medications.

Do you have any experience with any of the listed apps? Or perhaps you know apps that are worthy of mention? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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RememBear – A Simple and Secure Password Manager with Bears

We have covered several password managers over time including Buttercup , Pass , and Enpass . Today, I’m introducing yet another awesome password utility application and it goes by the name of RememBear.

RememBear is a freemium multi-platform password manager that enables you to save several strong passwords in a single database and easily log into websites faster.

It is developed and maintained by the distinguished TunnelBear VPN provider and it is secured with AES256 end-to-end encryption in order to ensure that your data is restricted to your eyes only as well as allow you to log into sites quicker and evade the un-“bear”-able nuisance of resetting your login info.

If you haven’t already noticed, RememBear is filled with a lot of bear puns. And although the bear-loving password manager can be used for free, the free features are limited and that’s why FossMint has partnered with the company to provide readers with discounted subscription rates.

The TecMint – RememBear Deal offers users a 2-year subscription for $60 and a 3-year subscription for $63 and the discount codes can be redeemed within 30 days of purchase with a 15-day money back guarantee.

Features in RememBear

  • Free to download and use on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.
  • Friendly User Interface with autofill for passwords and credit cards.
  • Password generator.
  • Faster online checkout when shopping.
  • Store sensitive notes online.
  • Support for fingerprint and face ID.
  • End-to-end 256AES encryption.
  • Browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.
  • Automatic synchronization across connected devices.
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RememBear offers other features especially when you use any of its subscription packages such as synchronization across your devices, secure backups, and priority customer service. Access the TecMint discount by clicking the button below.

Select a RememBear Subscription

Are you already a free user of RememBear? Why not take advantage of the FossMint family discount and enjoy the best that the password manager has to offer? Also, feel free to share your experience and thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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Raccoon – APK Downloader for Linux, MacOS, and Windows

We’ve covered APK stories before in articles like the one about F-Droid and Google Play Downloader , but never have we covered an app as cool as this one with a name inspired by the North American mammal, Raccoon.

Raccoon is a free and modern open-source APK downloader application that enables you to safely download any Android app available on Google Play Store to your Linux, Windows, or Mac desktop.

The incentive of Raccoon is to enable users to install Android apps without sending any kind of information to Google. It also works to store APK files locally, use a “Split APK” format, bypass application region restrictions, and aims to improve your phone’s battery life.

Features in Raccoon

  • Raccoon is free to use.
  • Raccoon is 100% open source.
  • Available on Linux, Windows, and macOS desktop platforms.
  • Comprehensive online manual.
  • Respects privacy.
  • Split APK installer.
  • Bypass region restrictions.
  • Revert to previous version updates.

Raccoon has been under heavy development with at least an update each month since its release in September 2015 and each update brings major fixes onboard. Also, you can easily submit a ticket to report any issues or give constructive feedback.

Raccoon is available for download on Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms and you can get the installer suitable for you by hitting the button below.

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Download Raccoon APK Downloader

Raccoon is developed in Java and requires a current Java Runtime Environment to run the it as shown.

$ java -jar raccoon-4.8.0.jar

What do you think about Raccoon? Are you learning about it for the first time or are you already familiar with its awesomeness? As usual, feel free to share your experiences with us as well as to drop your suggestions in the comments section below.

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Hubstaff – Work Time Tracking Software for Productive Teams

Hubstaff is a modern time tracking software for growing businesses. Its features enable users to easily monitor work productivity, generate advanced reports that track progress, remotely track time using online time sheets, manage employee activities, etc. Its aim is to make users concentrate less on manually tracking projects and more on growing their business.

Hubstaff has several features that make it stand out from the time tracking software market including GPS tracking, automatic payrolls, screen recording, role management, etc.

Features in Hubstaff

Below are some highlights.

Advanced Monitoring

Advanced employee monitoring allows you to see work in progress and even take screenshots, track app and URL activity, capture activity levels based on mouse and keyboard usage, and export the data as timesheets and reports.

Advanced Reporting

Hubstaff helps you to document the activities of your business by automatically generating comprehensive-time reports of your productivity and the data can be exported external sources via electronic mail.

Centralized Management

Hubstaff features a minimalist style dashboard from which you can monitor all the activities of your business down to the activity status of your employees, the duration of project tasks, productivity rates, etc. It also has mobile apps that allow you to conveniently stay in contact with work even while on the move.

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GPS Tracking

GPS tracking enables you to easily monitor mobile time attendance and the time spent driving against the hours worked at the job site.

Team Scheduling

Team Scheduling involves using Hubstaff’s built-in employee scheduling software to manage your team members’ shift schedules and priorities without spreadsheets or papers.


Hubstaff offers a free 1 user plan with time tracking, activity levels, limited screenshots, and limited payments.

The subscription packages vary in cost depending on the size of your teams and also depending on whether you’re paying monthly or annually. A license for a team of 50 users costs $208/month.

The purpose of time tracking software is to save you the load of hours you would need to spend manually pursuing clients, following up development stages, etc. and an ideal application to shell out some cash on is Hubstaff.

It runs on all modern browsers and has official support for integration with over 30 project management tools including Quickbooks, Payoneer, and PayPal to mention a few.

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How to Schedule Gmail Emails on PC and Android

Who would have thought that now even emails can be scheduled? Yes, you have heard me right! To celebrate 15 years in 2019, Google announced a variety of new features on Gmail and one of them was scheduling your emails.

The provision of scheduling emails by Gmail is not only a boom for the marketers but also business vendors, clients, and Individuals.

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So, how do you think one can benefit from this feature? Well, if you are an individual who is working late at night but does not want your client to know about it, you can schedule your email. For marketers, the marketing emails can be scheduled, so that their customers get emails at that time of the day when they are expected to be glued on their phones!

If you work once in a day but do not want to deliver them all together, you can schedule your emails and spread them throughout the day. Apart from this, there can be a lot of reasons and benefits of scheduling an email!

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In this article, we will explain you the steps of scheduling emails on Gmail through your PC and your Android Phone.

Scheduling Emails Using Your PC

Scheduling an email is not only an in-app feature, but it can also be done if you are sending emails through your Personal Computer.

1. Sign into Gmail by entering your Gmail email address and password.

Gmail Login

2. Once you log-in into the Gmail inbox, on the top-left corner of the screen, you can see a “Compose” button. Click on it.

Compose an Email

3. A new message box opens up where you have can write your email.

New Email

4. Draft your email, mention the receiver’s email address in the ‘To:’ section like shown below.

Draft An Email

5. Do not click on “Send”. To schedule the email, click on the dropdown arrow beside the send button.

Schedule An Email

6. Once you click on the arrow a small pop-up of ‘Schedule Send’ will appear. Click on it.

Schedule Send

7. A new section will appear with 3 recommended time slots. If you are comfortable with any of the mentioned time slot, you can click on it. However, if you want to schedule it for a different time, click on “Pick date and time”.

Time Slots

8. A calendar opens up. You can choose the date and time of your choice and then click “Schedule Send”.

Pick Date And Time

You will see a confirmation like shown below

Schedule Email Confirmation

9. You can check all the scheduled emails in the “Scheduled” section that appears on the left panel of your main window.

Scheduled Email

The following window will show all the scheduled emails.

Scheduled Window

Scheduling Emails on Gmail through Smartphones

Smartphones have undoubtedly made our life easier and many of us access emails only on our Smartphones. This article will help you to schedule emails through your Smartphone.

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1. Click on the Gmail icon on your mobile screen to open the Gmail app. Your inbox should appear.

2. Click on the + symbol on the bottom right of the screen.

New Email For SmartPhone

3. A new email screen will appear like below. Draft your Email and mention the receiver’s Email address in the “To”.

Compose An Email From SmartPhone

4. Click on the three dots appearing on the right side. You will see list of menu. from the menu option Select “Select Send”.

Schedule Email From SmartPhone

5. A pop-up will appear with 3 recommended time slots similar to what we had seen in the first point. You can choose from them or select “Pick date and time”. A section with a space for a date & time will appear.

Time Slot-SmartPhone

6. Click on the first section & a Calendar will appear from where you can choose a date. After choosing the date, click on the second section. A clock will appear for you to choose the time.

Schedule Email-SmartPhone

7. After choosing the time and date. Click on the ‘Schedule send’ button. This will automatically schedule the email.

Schedule Send-SmartPhone

8. All the scheduled emails will appear in the Schedule section on the left in the menu. You can click on it to view the scheduled emails. Or reschedule or delete them.

Scheduled Email-SmartPhone

Scheduling emails on Gmail empowers one with the ability to draft an email at their convenience and schedule it for a time best suited to them. It also makes work easy for the user.

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One can draft a set of emails even late at night and have them scheduled to reach the receiver’s inbox early in the morning. This feature helps in working efficiently across time zones without emails appearing at inappropriate times.

If this article was helpful to you, please do let us know by commenting below. For feedbacks and suggestions, you can also fill up the form below and send us across! Stay tuned for our next article and till then, Happy Emailing!

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