10 Best Alternatives for the MacOS Terminal App

MacOS ships with a good terminal application as it is responsive and capable of handling virtually any command line task you throw at it. My issue with it, however, is that it isn’t so customizable or as cool-looking as many alternatives in the market.

Continuing my series of alternative applications for popular apps on different platforms, here is the list of the 10 best alternatives to the default terminal app on MacOS.

1. iTerm2

iTerm2 is a free and open source terminal emulator that offers users a robust search tool coupled with auto-complete commands, multiple panes in independent sessions, multiple profile support, several customization options, etc.


2. Alacritty

Alacritty is a cross-platform terminal emulator with a strong emphasis on simplicity and performance. It uses the system’s GPU to accelerate its performance, works well out of the box and is both free and open source.


3. Hyper

Hyper is a beautiful, completely customisable terminal emulator written from the ground up in JavaScript with the aim of providing users with a beautiful and extensible command line interface.

It is 100% free and open source and you can learn more about it in our article here .


4. Terminator

Terminator is an open source terminal app built with a focus on arranging terminals in grids. Its behaviour is mostly based on the GNOME Terminal with extra features for regular CLI users and sysadmins e.g. simultaneous typing in arbitrary groups of terminals, tons of keyboard shortcuts, etc. and it is free to use.


5. Kitty

Kitty is a speedy, feature-rich, GPU-based cross-platform terminal emulator. It has native support for tiling multiple windows side by side, startup sessions, multiple copy/paste buffers, function extension via Kittens (i.e. its plugins), focus tracking, OpenType ligatures, bracketed paste, etc.


6. MacTerm

MacTerm is a powerful free and open source terminal app built as a replacement for the MacOS terminal. It supports 24-bit color, notifications, a floating command line, iTerm2 image sequences and color schemes, and standard graphics protocols, among other features.


7. Byobu

Byobu is a free and open source text-based terminal multiplexer and window manager with enhanced profiles, configuration utilities, convenient keyboard shortcuts, system status notifications, etc.


8. Zoc

Zoc is a professional terminal emulator for Mac and Windows platforms with an impressive list of features including tabbed sessions with thumbnails, over 200 commands of scripting language, communication via several protocols not excluding SSH, Rlogin, and Wse, an address book with folders and color-coded hosts, client automation with macro scripting, etc.


9. Cathode

Cathode is a fully customisable vintage-themed terminal application designed for accomplishing even the most complex command line tasks despite its somewhat playful appearance and styling options. It sells for $4.99 and also has a mobile version for iOS users that can connect to any Mac or SSH server.


10. TreeTerm

TreeTerm is a file manager and terminal combined together into a single app with the file tree and terminal tab always in sync. It charges a one-time payment of 9.90 Euros but is free to try for 30 days – enough time to decide whether it meets your criteria.


Now you know all the cool terminal apps that you can replace the Mac Terminal with. Feel free to share your experience with us as well as to add your suggestions and reviews in the comments section below.

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10 Best Benchmark Apps to Measure Your Mac’s Performance

Benchmarking is the act of measuring your computer’s hardware and software performance e.g. Graphics, speed, and GPU performance typically in order to find out the cause of issues or to improve your system’s performance.

Today, I’ll list the best apps that you can use to run benchmark tests to measure your Mac’s performance.

1. Disk Speed Test

Disk Speed Test is a benchmark app developed by Blackmagic whose purpose is to check your Mac disk’s performance when working with HD videos.

It does this by using large data blocks to write test your disk as well as write and read tests in order to evaluate not only your disk’s performance but also its readability over time.

Disk Speed Test

2. Geekbench

Geekbench is a free cross-platform processor benchmark that measures your computer’s performance by running several simulations of real-world usage and complex challenges.

Its test result displays a single-core score which shows the performance of your Mac operating with only one core; and a multi-core score which shows your Mac’s performance with all cores running. It is free to use on a single machine with premium versions available.

Geekbench Measures Mac Performance

3. Cinebench

Cinebench is a free cross-platform benchmark app that measures the ability of Cinema 4D’s ability to take advantage of your computer’s processor and multiple CPU cores.

Its simulation demo shows a video of cars in different textures made up of millions of polygons coupled with several visual effects such as transparency, environments, and lighting.


4. Novabench

Novabench is a freemium benchmark app that analyzes your system’s GPU, memory, CPU, speed, and disk speed using complex real-world simulations.

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A click of a button starts full tests which complete in 2 minutes and what’s even cooler is its online database of results that you can compare your test results to.


5. UNIQUE Benchmarks

UNIQUE Benchmarks is a freemium cross-platform benchmark app designed to calculate the stability of your computer’s GPU under stressful conditions coupled with testing its colling potential under high heat output.

Powered by UNIQUE Engine, UNIQUE Benchmarks provides users with an interactive experience wherein they are able to explore the simulated worlds using walk-through and fly-by modes.

UNIQUE Benchmarks

6. Count It

Count It is a 100% free benchmark app designed to calculate your Mac’s frame rate counter especially when recording your gameplay.

It features a hotkey icon that unintrusively runs tests to calculate your system’s FPS and enables you to even save the game resolution settings that promotes your PC’s best performance for each game.

Count it

7. Phoronix Test Suite

Phoronix Test Suite is a free and open source automated benchmarking utility for Mac, Windows, Linux, GNU Hurd, Solaris, and BSD Operating Systems.

It features 450+ test profiles and 100+ test suites via OpenBenchmarking.org, an easy-to-use UI, remote management, automation of multiple test systems thanks to its Phoromatic system, etc.

Phoronix Test Suite

8. GFX Bench

GFX Bench is a free unified graphics benchmark utility macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android. It is based on GLBenchmark (OpenGL ES) and DXBenchmark (Direct X) and designed for measuring mobile and desktop performance using increased workloads and advanced graphics effects.

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Just like Novabench, it has an online results database where you can compare your test results to those from other users.

GFX Bench

9. Tyler’s Frame Machine

Tyler’s Frame Machine is a simple, lightweight, cross-platform, portable utility for performance testing, calibration, framerate comparison, benchmarking, and demonstration.

It is mostly used for educational purposes and supports OpenGL, DirectX 11 and 12, Metal and Vulkan which allows it to run benchmark tests on virtually anything.

Tyler’s Frame Machine

10. iBench

iBench is a free and open source benchmarking application for running comprehensive benchmark tests on Macs. It contains 12 integer workload and 9 floating point tests which it uses to evaluate the memory subsystem and CPU performance of your computer.


Note: Quit all apps before running your benchmark tests and to take multiple ones as well – finding the average of 2 or 3 tests will give you a more accurate report on your Mac’s performance.

Now that you know the best benchmark apps that exist for the Mac platform you can evaluate your system’s performance from the convenience of your sitting room. Got any suggestions to add or user experience to share? Drop your thoughts in the comments box below.

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10 Best Code Editor Apps for Your Mac

Text editors are software created specifically for manipulating text in several file type formats. And while they all feature the same fundamental functions, not all text editors are evidently created equal – some are simply for editing text and feature basic editing commands while others are so advanced it wouldn’t take a lot to convert them into an environment for advanced coding with debugging functionality.

Today, we bring you a line up of text editors for Mac users that are sure to meet all your coding requirements while offering reliability and security.

1. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is an open-source source code editor created and maintained by Microsoft. It is designed with beauty, ease-of-use, and speed in mind, coupled with support for tons of programming languages and file types among other features.

Visual Studio Code is customizable with themes, extendable with functions, and configurable with custom scripts. It is 100% free and you can check out our list of its best extensions for programmers .

Visual Studio Code

2. Atom

Atom is an advanced and completely customizable source code editor developed and maintained by GitHub with speed, beauty, flexibility, and reliability in mind. It features a minimalist UI with support for extensions, scripts, tons of programming languages, Git and GitHub integration, Teletype, etc.

Atom Code Editor

3. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a world-famous lightweight, feature-rich source code editor. It is completely customizable, supports 50+ languages out of the box, extensible with plugins, and scriptable.

Sublime Text is currently in version 3 and although it offers a paid license, it doesn’t restrict any features to paid users and the license is there in order to support developers. So if you like using ST3 and can afford the license, give a helping hand.

Sublime Text

4. Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit is a 100% free and open-source text editor built to complement its sibling proprietary application, Komodo IDE. Its features include multiple selections, a toolbox, auto-complete, commando, skins & icon sets, a minimap, a projects manager, etc.

Komodo Edit

5. Brackets

Brackets is a free source code editor created by Adobe Systems with the main focus on web development. It is written in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, which makes it the ideal web developer’s text editor.

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Brackets text editor features a slick, minimalist UI, live preview which allows users to see code changes to their program in real-time, tons of extensions to add its functionality, etc.

Brackets – Code Editor

6. Coda

Coda is a powerful text editor designed with built-in support for working with both local and remote files. It also features a beautiful UI, a built-in debugger, web kit preview and inspector, a terminal, etc. Coda is available for Mac users at $99 and it has app versions for iPhone and iPad users.

Coda – Code Editor

7. BBEdit

BBEdit is a freemium text editor that offers an easy-to-understand UI excellent for navigating directories and working with files among other features such as an advanced search and replace function, full UTF-8 support, character encoding conversion, FTP/SFTP support, etc.

BBEdit contains premium features which news users can evaluate for 30 days free of charge. Its free version is an excellent stand-alone app but you will need to purchase a license to access its paid functionality.

BBEdit – Code Editor

8. GNU Emacs

GNU Emacs is a libre, extensible and customizable command line-based text editor that is fundamentally a Lisp interpreter for Emacs with support for extensions that enable it to edit text. Its features include self-documentation, full Unicode support for virtually any script type, customization, support for working with a GUI, a packaging system for installing extensions, and many more.

GNU Emacs

9. TextMate

TextMate is a powerful, customizable and open-source free text editor with a rich feature set that includes multiple carets, Unix commands, scoped settings, version control, advanced file search, support for tons of programming languages right out of the box, etc.

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It also features a clean UI and navigable file tree which encourages users to focus less on distractions and more on the dexterity of their code.


10. Espresso

Espresso is an advanced web editor built for Mac users to build delightful, speedy, and innovative websites as it combines virtually all the tools they will need into a single working environment such as CSSEdit tools, Server sync, a Navigator, Live Preview with Browser Xray, Dynamo auto-building, and an exceptionally beautiful UI compliant with the macOS aesthetic.

Espresso is last on this list but eons away from the least given its rich feature set and advanced user options. It is going for an affordable price of $75.

Expresso – Code Editor

So, there you have it. All of the above-mentioned text editors offer the important features you will need to write and edit functioning source code of anything from a basic Python script to a professionally-written Java program. It is left to you to decide which ones appeal to you best.

In the meantime, remember to share this article and feel free to share your recommendations and experiences in the comments section below.

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10 Best Free Human Resource Management Software

It wasn’t too long ago that we published an article on the best open source accounting software for Linux . Today, we’re concentrating on software that’ll enable you to manage your Human Resources efficiently.

Human resource management is difficult irrespective of whether you’re running a small or large business. Most HR tools require a subscription plan or one-time fee but there are a good number of alternatives that are available at little to no cost.

As I usually do, here is my list of the best HR management software and they are all free.

1. IceHrm

IceHrm is an open source limitless Human Resource Management application that enables users to keep track of their business’ resources including the employees and their activities. It is completely free to use for up to 5 employees.


2. WebHR

WebHR is an online platform with a range of tools to enable users to manage their small to medium-sized businesses with utilities such as absence management, recruiting, payroll, performance tracking, etc.


3. Jorani

Jorani is a free and open source Human Resource management application that aims to provide business owners with a simple workflow as well as an efficient time and employee management.


4. Sentrifugo

Sentrifugo is a free and powerful open source HR management app that offers user access to several functions including recruiting, absence management, performance reviews, analytics, expense management, etc.


5. Zenefits

Zenefits is an HR management software designed to solve human resource issues, especially when dealing with payrolls. Its free plan offers an employee directory, core HR apps, hiring, and onboarding.


6. Zoho People

Zoho is a free award-winning management platform with a full suite of tools for managing small and medium-sized enterprises. It has a maximum of 5 free users and 250MB of storage with personal tracking, absence management, and mobile apps.


7. Odoo

Odoo is a robust business software whose community version is a free and open source business management software with tools for project management, inventory, marketing, point-of-sale, etc. Its strong suit is its versatility in functionality.


8. OrangeHRM

OrangeHRM offers users a professional open source solution to managing their businesses by providing tools for reporting, attendance management, recruitment, disciplinary tracking, travel and expense tracking, etc.


9. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is an online suite of tools designed to enable users to manage their business with tools such as the employee directory, customizable employee profiles, gamification badges, charts, etc.


10. Gusto

Gusto is a freemium HR management solution for any size of business. Its free version offers employee profiles, surveys, time management tools, health benefits administration, organization charts, electronic signing, hiring etc.


All these tools have unique features that you can only find out about after trying them out yourself. What has been your experience with them if you’ve used them before? And do you know other free HR apps that are worth mentioning? Drop your comments below.

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10 Best Free Linux Docks

Docks are utility software designed to basically make launching applications and navigating between app windows as easy as possible alongside beautifying the entire process.

They implement animations, app icon shadows, customization options, widgets, etc. in different ways but they all aspire to one goal – boost productivity .

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Today, I bring you a list of the best dock applications that are not just beautiful and customizable with high compatibility, but also 100% free to use.

1. Latte Dock

Latte Dock is an open source dock app developed for KDE Plasma. It was designed using plasma frameworks to provide users with a consistent User Experience by completely replacing the desktop panels.

Latte Dock‘s features include multi-monitor support, auto-hide, customizability with fonts, zoom effects, blur effects, and themes. Learn more about Latte Dock .

Latte Dock for KDE Plasma

To install Latte Dock, you must have KDE Plasma installed.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rikmills/latte-dock$ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install latte-dock

2. Dash to Dock

Dash to Dock is an open source extension developed to turn the GNOME shell into a dock from the typical app overview menu which in turn speeds up the rate of switching between desktops and open apps.

Dash to Dock‘s features includes ease of use, integration support with desktop notifications, timers, etc., windows previews, and multiple monitor support.

Dash to Dock for Gnome Desktop

Learn more about Dash to Dock .

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3. Plank

Plank is a beautiful and arguably the simplest dock you’ll ever use. Its goal is to provide users with only what is required of a dock and nothing more and it ships with some Ubuntu derivatives by default e.g. Ubuntu Mate. What’s even cooler is that it has a library with which you can create other docks with extra functionality.

Plank Dock for Ubuntu

Install Plank dock from the default repositories on Ubuntu and its derivatives.

$ sudo apt install plank

4. tint2

tint2 is a highly customizable panel for Xorg that can be configured to display a system tray, battery monitor , task list, and a range of usage options such as displaying all open applications in specific or all desktops, display multiple instances of the same application, display output for user commands, etc.

Tint2 Taskbar for Linux

Install tint2 from the default repositories on Ubuntu and its derivatives.

$ sudo apt-get install tint2

5. Docky

Docky is a beautiful, customizable MacOS-like dock for Linux distros. It is easy to use and allows users to add apps to the launcher together with choices from an array of docklets (docky widgets) for displaying information such as a clock, weather, and CPU usage.

Docky in Ubuntu

Install Docky from the default repositories on Ubuntu and its derivatives.

$ sudo apt-get install docky

6. Cairo Dock

Cairo Dock is a beautiful dock designed to run in virtually any Desktop Environment. It is fast, lightweight, easily customizable through its customization menu, and has notification support for all applications you add to it.

Cairo-Dock for Ubuntu

Install Cairo Dock using following PPA on Ubuntu and its derivatives.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cairo-dock-team/ppa$ sudo apt-get update$ sudo apt-get install cairo-dock cairo-dock-plug-ins

7. Avant Window Navigator

Avant Window Navigator has excellent support for themes coupled with the ability to embed external applets with ease.

Avant Window Navigator

Install Avant Window Navigator (AWN) from the default repositories on Ubuntu and its derivatives.

$ sudo apt-get install awn

8. DockBarX

DockBarX is a flexible taskbar designed as a replacement for DockX as well as an Avant Window Navigator applet, a panel applet for GNOME, Mate, and Xfce.

DockbarX for Ubuntu

Install DockBarX using following PPA on Ubuntu and its derivatives.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xuzhen666/dockbarx$ sudo apt-get update$ sudo apt-get install dockbarx

9. KSmoothDock

KSmoothDock is a functional open source macOS-inspired desktop panel designed for KDE Plasma with parabolic zooming effects for the application menu, pager, launchers, and task manager.


10. Simdock

Simdock is another macOS-inspired, Avant Window Navigator-like dock with pseudo-transparency designed to be simple to use. Its features include customized launchers, smart implementation of Xrandr, MacOS-like zoom effects, and working without a compositing window manager.

Simdock – Deskbar for Linux

Install Simdock using following PPA on Ubuntu and its derivatives.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:onli/simdock$ sudo apt-get update$ sudo apt-get install simdock

So there you have it folks, the best free docks for your Linux machine. Let me know what you think about the list and feel free to add your suggestions in the discussion section.

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10 Best Free VPN Chrome Extensions of 2021

In today’s world, almost everyone needs access to everything. You can be a person living in a restricted area or can be someone who is researching some content online or is just chilling watching content on Netflix. Whatever the case be, we need a VPN Chrome extension to get access to these blocked content .

Along with unblocking these content, VPN also provides security of hiding your IP address , your internet access log, and your personal information so that you can unblock and access everything being anonymous .

Well, searching for a free Chrome extension that does this all for you can be a tiresome and difficult job. So here to help you, we have come up with a list of the best Chrome VPN extensions you can use in 2019.

1. Touch VPN

Touch VPN is a 100% free VPN service currently with 5,000,000+ users. It has no bandwidth limitation, it’s free and unlimited.

You can unlock and unblock any website from any location and access it with full privacy. With Touch VPN the sites that are blocked or censored by the government, school, or workplace are just a click away.

You will not need to worry about hackers when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi Hotspot , your name, passwords, and personal information everything will be encrypted by Touch VPN, to provide you with banking-level security for the best protection. You can do all this and remain anonymous.

To keep your online identity anonymous , Touch VPN changes your IP address. At the same time, your internet activity is inaccessible to prying eyes and businesses. Most of all it provides a one-tap connection, and no sign-up is required. Just download and install the extension and tap on “connect”.

Touch VPN Extension

2. SetupVPN- Lifetime Free VPN

SetupVPN is a free VPN with the promise of being free forever, so from nothing lower than 100 servers all over the world, you can access any content that is not available in your country and you can bypass restrictions of any website that has been blocked by your government, school or company.

It provides you with 4096-bit military-grade encryption to secure your browser over public Wi-Fi. As it provides you with unlimited bandwidth, there is no need to meter your usage.

You will not need to be tech-savvy to use this VPN extension, just install, sign up and connect. It’s that easy. SetupVPN does try to keep itself updating to provide you with fast speed than the last time no matter which country server you choose.

SetupVPN Extension

3. Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield is one of the world’s most trusted VPN & Proxy, now available on Chrome! Currently, with 2,536,080 users, Hotspot Shield simply lets you access blocked sites from around the world.

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It is super easy to use and turns on with one simple click. No sign-up is necessary to get started with Hotspot Shield. Access blocked websites like Facebook, Twitter, and other popular sites while keeping your browser activities safe & private!

With its free version, you get access to 95% of its features. New features also include Ad Blocking, Tracker Blocking, Cookie Blocking, and Malware Protection. You can connect using one of many free Virtual Locations, or become Elite and access premium locations for quick and easy access.

Hotspot Shield VPN Extension

4. ZenMate VPN

ZenMate is another simple and easy-to-use VPN service with a free unlimited plan for a lifetime. Other than chrome, it also offers a VPN service for all possible platforms.

ZenMate has over 45 million users and offers over 30 server locations to choose from. You can access unblocked content specific to a country by selecting a specific server.

ZenMate being a German company has a strict law for no-log policy. Just unblock and use the internet with ZenMate VPN and stay safe. It provides the fastest connection and you can use up to 5 devices per account.

ZenMate VPN Extension

5. DotVPN

DotVPN is a VPN with unlimited bandwidth and a permanent free plan. With powerful servers at 10 virtual locations, it works with a promise to unblock anything and everything for you. If some content is not available in one virtual location you can simply switch to another virtual location, unlimited times.

If case you can’t access what are you looking for you can even write to them and they will make sure to solve this for you. In their free plan, you get access to 80% of their features which I believe is sufficient.

DotVPN Extension

6. Betternet Unlimited Free VPN Proxy

As the name, suggests Betternet is a completely unlimited and free VPN service. No registration is required to start using it, simply install and tap to connect. It is an ad-free extension and so it won’t annoy you with any unwanted pop-ups.

It never logs any data in any form keeping its promise of being a simple, hassle-free, secure, and anonymous unblocker. It automatically connects you to the nearest and fast server. It also lets you select server location if you wish to access anything specific.

Betternet VPN Extension

7. TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear is a popular VPN with limited free features. It is lightweight and easy to use. Once you install the VPN, just select a country to get connected and start safe browsing.

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It has servers in over 22 countries and does not log any of your data. It uses AES 256-bit encryption by default. It will unblock content and hide your IP, but for more, you have to opt for a paid plan .

TunnelBear VPN Extension

8. VeePN

VeePN is another free and unlimited VPN service on the list. With 2500+ servers all over the world, VeePN ensures internet privacy and security for everyone.

It is simple and easy to use without any configuration required. It is a cross-platform app with a no-log policy. So you can choose to use this any day to have safe and secure content unblocking.

VeePN VPN Extension

9. Hola VPN

Hola VPN is easy to use and commits to providing faster and more open internet. To achieve fasted unblocking it uses split-tunneling technology.

It does log some of your data and shares it with the third party to implement a faster network. If you are looking for 100% anonymity, you should avoid this.

Hola VPN

10. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the no one Trusted leader in VPN. ExpressVPN offers you unrestricted access to any content worldwide with a promise of security and anonymity. It has 160 servers located in 94 different countries.

The groundbreaking approach for ensuring your security is that no data is ever written to the hard drive. It will not even log anything like traffic data, DNS queries, etc, that could be used in your identification.

Although it’s not free it surely can be a great choice for someone who requires a VPN for a short time. You can simply get their 30-day trial and cancel it later. It does provide support and real people are available 24/7 via email and live chat as and when you need any help with setup and troubleshooting.

ExpressVPN Extension

That’s all folks! We hope the list suffices your requirements and helps you browse unblocked sites! Please make sure that you use these extensions on your private laptop which is not accessible to children without your permission.

Feel free to comment below with your favorite blocked site and the VPN extension you used to unblock it! Also, if you know of more free and good quality free VPN extensions then share with us to help our audience. Till then, enjoy a safe and secure unblocking.

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10 Best Google Maps Alternatives You Should Try

Google Map is arguably the most popular map application and this should come as no surprise because of Google’s stronghold on web surfing and navigation e.g. Google Earth, but you would be wrong to think that there aren’t alternatives that are just as cool and in some cases, even cooler.

Today, we bring you a list of the Best Map & Navigations Apps that you can use instead of Google Maps. They all feature a modern UI that is easy to use and offer almost any functionality you might want when driving within a familiar city or trying to get lost in strange terrains. They are arranged in no particular order.

1. MapQuest

MapQuest is a reliable source for maps and driving directions with a history that spans back as far as 1967 when it was founded by an R. R. Donelly and Sons division and then later bought by yours sincerely, AOL.

MapQuest allows you to find route choices alongside business on your chosen route coupled with directions and location suggestions – all of which you can share, save for later, add to favorites, share, or print.

What’s even cooler is that you can book flights, hotels, rental cars, and prepare for vacations with this app.

Grab it from the Google app store for free here .

MapQuest – Maps, Driving Directions, Live Traffic

2. Maps.Me

Maps.Me is an awesome map & navigation app that allows users to download complete maps (e.g. a whole country map) in order to easily use them offline without losing any feature functionality. It is open-source, allows you to share locations and hiking routes, easy to use, and complies with the latest GDPR regulations.

Maps.Me is perfect for traveling the world while offline, finding new tourist cites, hospitals, businesses such as shops and hotels, educational centers, etc. It is completely free to download from the Google PlayStore .

MAPS.ME – Offline Maps, Guides and Navigation

3. HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo is a tremendous map app brought to you by the 30-year technology company that goes by the name “Here“. It offers driving directions, business locations, traffic information, and extra route info for bikers, pedestrians, cyclers, and public commuters.

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One cool thing about HERE WeGo is its ability to inform you of the traffic conditions of different routes alongside automatically calculated time delay to reach your destination given your current location and commute method. Grab HERE WeGo free of charge from the PlayStore .

HERE WeGo – City Navigation

4. Waze

Waze is different from other apps on this list in the sense that it is currently owned by Google and apart from offering a mobile map, traffic information, and GPS. Waze has a dedicated community of users who report road incidents on their route in real-time.

Waze doesn’t offer information of businesses along your chosen route since its focus is to simply get you from point A to the next. Download it free of charge from the Google PlayStore .

Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation

5. OsmAnd

OsmAnd is an open-source offline mobile map & navigation application that is designed to work offline with roaming charges even when abroad.

It offers users several features including turn-by-turn voice guidance, automatic re-routing, highly detailed map viewing, several view modes, a beautiful UI, and constantly updated trip routes and traffic information.

Grab OsmAnd from the Google PlayStore .


6. Bing Maps

Bing Maps , formerly MapBlast.com is a cool map application currently owned by Microsoft and used in the MSN Maps and Directions as well as in Microsoft MapPoint and as expected, it offers a ton of nifty features.

It gives users driving, walking, and transit directions and you can even decide to avoid busy highways, locate business e.g. hotels, tourist attractions, shops, etc. along the way. It also features different views and maps modes e.g. bird’s eye, aerial, and road views, and you are free to print, share, and bookmark locations.

Interested in using Bing Maps, download the Bing search engine from the PlayStore , launch it and click the Maps option.

Bing Maps – Directions, trip planning, traffic cameras & more

7. Sygic Maps and Navigation

Sygic Maps and Navigation is a beautiful Android, Web, and iOS map application that offers recommendations from Trip Advisor, location-tailored travel guides, respects GDPR regulations, and nifty parking spot suggestions.

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Evidently, Sygic Maps and Navigation is among the most privacy-focused map app as it deletes security and system logs after a year, backups after 3 years, and app data after 3 months. It is completely free to download from the Google PlayStore .

Sygic – Maps and Navigation

8. OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap is a Wikipedia-inspired community-driven open-source project that makes the map of the world easily accessible to anybody who cares to use it since its invention in 2004. It currently has over 5 million users, doesn’t have ads, features an offline mode, and complies with GDPR rules and regulations.

OpenStreetMap runs in the browser but can be used in connection with mobile apps such as MAPS.ME, OsmAnd, Navit, Magic Earth, ZANavi, etc.

OpenStreetMap – Free Wiki World Map

9. Citymapper

Citymapper is a web, Android, and iOS map application that is relatively unconventional in the sense that it focuses on helping users through various traffic routes. It contains an often-updated database of public transport routes for using the bus, subway, bicycles, etc. in all supported cities together with the option to add locations to a favorites list.

Citymapper is completely free to download and use from the Google PlayStore .

Citymapper — The Ultimate Transport App

10. BackCountry Navigator

BackCountry Navigator is a simple map application designed for hikers and travelers who typically venture into strange terrain unguided. This map app excels even where Google Maps doesn’t as it offers users a detailed land topography of their location from sources including USTop, NOAA RNC, and OpenCycleMaps coupled with GPS waypoints, and manual entry for long/lat coordinate values

BackCountry Navigator is free to download and use from the Google PlayStore as a demo version but the main app is in the form of its Pro version which sells for $11.99 .

BackCountry Navigator

Did I mention your favorite Google Map alternative or it didn’t make it to the list? Drop your suggestions and criticisms in the comments section below and don’t forget to mention the features they offer that make them worthy of mention.

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10 Best GUI Git Clients for Mac

Git is a Version Control System that works to track file changes. Commonly used in team settings and especially among programmers, its basic functions include cloning, fetching, pulling, pushing, merging, and staging.

Although many users are comfortable working with Git from the Command Line , there are several GUI clients which will considerably speed up your workflow especially if you are new to the platform.

There are several GUI Git clients available to users and if you’re searching for the ideal one to manage your repositories on a Mac then you are in luck because here is a list of the best GUI Git clients for Mac OS X.

1. Fork

Fork is a free advanced GUI git client for Mac and Windows with an emphasis on speed, user-friendliness, and efficiency. Its features include a themeable layout with quick action buttons, a built-in merge-conflict helper and resolver, a repository manager, GitHub notifications, etc.

Fork has the most features in a free GUI Git client that I know about including an interactive rebase, Git-flow, GIT LFS, cherry-pick, revert, sub-modules, etc. all in a beautiful UI.

Fork GUI GIT For Mac

2. GitHub Desktop

GitHub Desktop is a completely free and open source customizable Electron-based Git client app developed by GitHub for you to interact with GitHub as well as other Git platforms including Bitbucket and GitLab.

Its features include a beautiful with a minimalist approach to sectioning which makes it easy to check out branches with pull requests, check the differences between images and code blocks, and even use drag and drop to add projects in order to manage them from the app.

GitHub Desktop GUI GIT For Mac

3. Sourcetree

Sourcetree is a free GUI Git client for macOS and Windows that simplifies the version control process in order to allow you to focus on what matters – coding.

It features a beautiful UI for performing Git tasks as well as visualizing and managing your repositories by giving you access to Git-flow right out of the box, submodules, a remote repo manager, local commit search, support for Git Large File, etc.

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Sourcetree is developed by Atlassian for Bitbucket but it is not limited to it and can be used with other Git platforms coupled with built-in support for Mercurial repositories.

Sourcetree GUI GIT For Mac

4. Tower

Tower is a paid GUI Git client for macOS and Windows and currently one of the leading client apps among professionals. It lets you learn more about version control by enabling you to perform all the Git actions with a visual representation of all instances including sorting merge conflicts and collaborating on projects.

You can enjoy its free trial for 30 days without restrictions after which you are to make an annual payment of $69/user or $99/user for a Basic or Pro subscription respectively.

Tower GUI GIT For Mac

5. GitKraken

GitKraken is a freemium cross-platform GUI Git client for working with Version Control Systems including GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab, among other platforms. It aims to make you a productive Git user by providing you with an intuitive UI, task tracking, a built-in code editor, merge conflict editor, support for integration with other platforms, etc.

For commercial purposes + other features packed in a Pro version such as a merge conflict editor, multiple profiles, and self-hosted repositories, GitKraken costs $4.08/month and more for enterprise versions. Read our article on GitKraken here .

Gitkraken GUI GIT For Mac

6. Sublime Merge

Sublime Merge is a Git client for Mac, Windows, and Linux created by the same developer behind the much-loved Sublime Text source code editor.

It includes all the qualities Sublime text users happily swear by and more including a speedy performance, an integrated merge tool, a powerful search tool, advanced difference checker, etc. It is free to use but just like with Sublime Text, you’ll need to shell out $99 for an extended use license.

Sublimemerge GUI GIT For Mac

7. SmartGit

SmartGit is a feature-rich Git client for Mac, Linux, and Windows with support for SVN and Pull Requests for GitHub and Bitbucket. Its features include a CLI for Git, graphical merge and commit history, an SSH client, Git-Flow, file merge, conflict solver, etc.

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SmartGit is free to use for non-commercial projects and charges for licenses starting at $99/year all the way to a single lifetime fee of $229 with varying costs depending on the duration of the support you choose.

SmartGit GUI GIT For Mac

8. GitUp

GitUp is a free and open source Git client for Mac users with an emphasis on speed, simplicity, efficiency, and ease of use. It bypasses the Git binary tool to interact with the repo database directly which makes it a lot faster than other Git clients e.g. it loads and renders the graph of 40,000 commits of the GitUp repo in under a second.

GitUp features GUI alternatives for all Git functions coupled with a visual realization of commands entered and changes made in real-time.

GitUp GUI GIT For Mac

9. Aurees Git Client

Aurees Git Client is a free app for Git users on Mac, Windows, and Linux that aims to speed up your workflow by providing you with a simple but powerful application for managing all your Git projects using a GUI.

It gives you the convenience of visually operating your Git repos with functions such as outstanding merge with preview, conflict resolution, a built-in editor for diff checking, insightful highlighting, etc.

Aurees GUI GIT For Mac

10. GitBlade

GitBlade is a beautiful Git client for Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms that provides users with the everyday features required to operate Git projects including a merge tool, a visual graph for displaying linked branches and commits, combined diff checking for viewing the difference between multiple files at once, a blame/annotate tool for visualizing file history.

GitBlade is free to use with all the basic Git features + 14 days of Pro features for free. A pro version costs $19.99/year /user and it contains a license that can be used on up to 3 machines, repository tabs, blame tool, merge tool, etc.

GitBlade GUI GIT For Mac

While all these applications offer similar features for working with Git projects, they have unique extras that make them stand out in areas others.

Did I mention the GUI Git client that you use on your system? Feel free to add your comments in the discussion section.

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10 Best Live Chat Software Solutions in (2019)

Technology has affected our lives in every way possible, affecting even the way we communicate with each other. The mode and the time, everything! This makes it important for businesses to keep incorporating such improvements in their business models to sustain themselves.

Live Chat is one such feature. Earlier having a live chat feature on your website would fall under “exceeds expectations”, but now it has very much become a part of meeting “expectations”.

Live Chat is the need of every business now, irrespective of its size. Be it for ordering food or looking for a salon service, being able to live chat with a Customer support executive, helps potential customers to develop trust.

Well, by now we all can say that live chat software can increase customer conversion rates. This leaves us with one question – Which is the best Live Chat Software Solution available in the market? And this article is your answer.

We have compiled here a list of 10 best Live Chat Software Solution currently available for businesses. So let’s check them out one by one.

1. Intercom

Intercom is the best chat software if you are looking for sales. It can convert prospective customers to paying customers. The software engages the audience or whoever is using the application. This solution automatically saves the user data and groups them, making it easy for the businesses to message them.

It is also one of the few companies which use Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Businesses can also send auto messages to their website visitors at the right time.

Intercom Live Chat

2. LiveChat

With LiveChat , you can provide real-time support to your customers and visitors. A few of the many features of LiveChat includes multi-lingual chats, advanced reporting, file sharing, chat transcripts, multiple branding and more.

It also offers extensive integration with other applications which enables businesses to extend the software’s functionality to include CRM, analytics, and accounting.

Live Chat

3. Drift

The best in terms of automation, Drift can save a lot of time for your sales team. Its unique feature – “LeadBot” can filter out visitors who can be converted to customers. This lets the sales team focus on only those potential customers and saves the time they would have spent on normal visitors. Thus, I would recommend Drift for a business that doesn’t want to spend much on a sales team.


4. Olark

Grow your business with every conversation” that’s how Olark introduces itself on its website. Its features are not just restricted to chat conversations, but it also includes monitoring customer activity, managing customer relationships, and generating reports.

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This software solution can be customized as per your requirement and you can easily design it to match the look and feel of your website.


5. PureChat

This is one of the very few live chat software solutions that offer a free plan. Unlike other software we spoke about, PureChat’s main focus is Live Chat!

PureChat can save live Chat conversations which can be used to monitor the work of the sales team and thus can be used for improvement.

PureChat can easily be set-up and can be customized, giving flexibility to the developers. It also allows canned responses which can save time for the team.


6. SnapEngage

The best part about SnapEngage Live Software is its Social Discovery option. When a customer provides his/her email address in the live chat conversation, this Social Discovery option can search for that email address on the various social networking platforms. The database then can be used for Customer Relationship Management.

SnapEngage is also highly customizable, thus making it easier for the businesses to match it up with their website designs. It is also HIPPA and PCI compliant, thus opening its doors for medical fields.


7. Bold360

Bold360 live chat software solution uses AI to help marketers understand their customers better. Bold360 also gives an option of screen sharing and remote use of the client’s system thus making it a good choice for businesses that require demonstrations to be made. Some of their clients include – RBS, Thomas Cook, and The North Face.


8. SmartSupp

With SmartSupp , customers’ queries can easily be answered in real-time without having to make the customers wait. Users get a notification as soon as a customer raises a query on the website. Its mobile support also enables the users to be available on their smartphones as and when needed.

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SmartSupp also gives you the provision to video record the live chats which can be used to study customer behavior.


9. ClickDesk

With ClickDesk , customers can have both Video and Voice chats. This makes it unique from the rest and gives it a position on our list. It also integrates with popular platforms like Magento, and WordPress. Social media buttons can also be incorporated in the chat boxes. This makes it easier for the customer to visit the company’s page on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.


10. Zendesk Chat

Last, but certainly not the least! ZenDesk Chat is a great option for start-ups and small businesses. Its interface is clean with all the important commands easily available to its users.

One of its unique features includes screencasting which can be used by businesses to monitor errors and work on the same. Its chat tool is customizable and it integrates directly with ZenDesk.


That is all from our side. Please do let us know your thoughts on the same and tell us which Live Chat Software solution you chose for your business.

In case you feel that we have missed out any name which according to you should have been on the list, please do fill up the form below.

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10 Best Logo Maker & Logo Creator Tools for Free

A LOGO is not only your company’s name written in some designer fonts with some symbols, but it’s the face of your business. No matter who you are – an entrepreneur, a small business owner or a large scale enterprise owner; you need to have a professional logo with which the world will differentiate between you and your competitors.

For a small business, it can be a big investment but still, you cannot compromise on your logo. Logo designing is like building the personality of your brand or company and should be surely thought through. Nowadays, with the advancement of graphic designing, there are many tools available online to design and create a logo and that too for free!

Here’s another best part, you do not even need to have designing skills or hire a designer. With the help of these tools, you can easily create a remarkable logo within minutes like a Pro! You will also be able to download your logo for free!

After checking a lot of websites that claim to offer free logo making services, we finally landed upon these genuine websites that actually lets you create logos! Here’s the list for you.


LogoMyWay is full of unique logo templates created by professional logo designers all over the world. Simply enter your company name and you can begin to edit your logo. Change fonts, shapes, and colors until the logo is exactly the way you want it. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes to design your own logo and you can download the logo files instantly.

LogMyWay – Make Your Logo Design In Minutes

1. Hatchful by Shopify

With Hatchful you can get a polished and professional logo in just a few clicks. It is a simple step-by-step process that takes a matter of seconds in logo designing.

Hatchful is based on machine learning and with just four steps you get your pre-defined design. Select your business category, a visual style as per your preference like bold, calm, classic, etc, enter your business name and slogan and specify where the logo will be used.

That is it! You will get your predefined designs! And if you wish, you can also tweak the same as per your liking before downloading. Just signup and download a full batch of your logo with png file, favicon icons for social media accounts and others for free.

Hatchful Logo Maker

2. Free Logo Design

FreeLogoDesign is a free logo maker and can be used by entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, organizations and others, who wish to create professional-looking logos in minutes and for free.

It provides user-friendly editor which helps you create the perfect logo for your business. The process is simple – just type in your company name and select the category, and you will get a variety of templates to choose from. Select a template and edit your logo.

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You can add text, shape or icon from their library and customize them as per your choice. It’s available for you to download as a 200*200 pixels PNG file for free. You will only need to pay if you need a higher resolution file.

FreeLogoDesign Logo Maker

3. Logaster

Similar to others, Logaster also lets you create a logo in just a couple of clicks. Enter the name of your company or brand and hit the button “Create Logo”.

After you do that, they show you dozens of attractive variants of your future logo in seconds! Choose the best one. Click on “Preview and Download” and you can see how your logo will look like. Sign up to edit and download your logo.

Logaster Logo Maker

4. Canva

Canva logo maker and editor is a simple drag and drop logo maker tool. You start by typing your company’s name, followed by selecting 5 templates from many available in there. You can then edit whatever you want before you settle for the final version of your logo.

While editing, Canva offers many icons, images, fonts, and color combinations to choose from. You can also upload your own image to use in your logo. Once you’re finished, you can download your new logo as 500*500 pixels png or jpg file without a transparent background free of cost.

You have to upgrade to Canva Pro to download a png file with a transparent background or print it on business cards, letterheads, etc., or you can get it done from outside too. Those options are endless.

Canva Logo Maker

5. DesignHill

DesignHill is an Artificial Intelligence-based logo maker tool to create professional logos within minutes.

You start by entering the company name, selecting visual, color combinations and objects. It then generates a few logo templates for you to choose from. You can then choose one and start editing.

Tweak here and there, customize all you want until you are satisfied. It lets you create a logo for free, which you can take as a reference and get it genuinely done from outside.

Designhill Logo Maker

6. Ucraft

Ucraft lets you design and create your logo right from scratch. You get numerous shapes, icons, text and color options to create magic. You can play with the editor until you are satisfied with the logo design.

Ucraft is as simple as you are creating your logo on a paper. Prefer this tool if you are someone who likes drawing and sketching as it will give you a similar look and feel.

Sign up to download a free 600px transparent png file. A small amount of $7 as payment is required to download a high-resolution vector file.

Ucraft Logo Maker

7. LogoMakr

LogoMakr is another “build from the scratch” logo designing tool. It opens up with blank canvas to work on. You can drag and drop icons or shapes, add text and then style with relevant colors and font combinations from design directory.

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Once done designing, you can download a low-resolution PNG file. You will require to sign up and pay $19 to download a high-resolution file. The website also provides you with a tutorial for creating a logo and that is what we loved about it!

LogoMakr – Logo Maker

8. Free Logo Services

Free Logo Services is an Artificial Intelligence-based logo designing tool, that lets you design your logo in just 4 steps. In the first step, it asks you to enter the company or brand name, slogan, and type of logo.

Then it asks you about your preferable visual styles, based on which it will offer you 1000s of templates to choose from. Once you choose the template, you can go ahead and make the desired changes. In the last step, you would need to sign up and finally, you will be able to save your logo.

Free Logo Services Logo Maker

9. Online Logo Maker

With Online Logo Maker , you can create a modern and elegant logo. It offers a variety of eye-catching vector images and fonts. On a canvas, you get a preloaded sample in which you can edit the text, or change the icon and so on.

Once you have reached a point where you think your logo is satisfactory enough, you can choose to download it. Download your logo in 300px for free, or in 2000px with the Premium pack.

Online Logo Maker

10. GraphicSprings Logo Creator

GraphicSprings Logo Creator lets you design and create your logo for free, you would need to pay only when you wish to download it. It claims to be able to create a logo in less than a minute. You can make any changes in the pre-defined templates based on your requirement by simply dragging and dropping.

It also provides features for you to add different effects and for adding visual details in your logo. To download a high-resolution image and to be able to make unlimited revisions you would need to pay $19.99.

GraphicSprings Logo Creator

Apart from this list, there are many more logo maker tools available, but we feel, this comprehensive list would be enough for you to get started with your logo designing. Choose one like Canva’s logo maker with design templates for fast and easy creation of a logo or a tool like Ucraft to build one from scratch. Do let us know which one you chose by commenting below.

Also, if you think we have missed your favorite logo maker tool please fill up the feedback form to help us review the same. Until then, Enjoy your log designing journey!

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